21 • 23 March 2014


Holiday Inn Tucson Airport
4550 South Palo Verde Road,
Tucson, Arizona 85714,
United States



Tattoo Artists:

Lyle Tuttle
Crazy Philadelphia Eddie
Bowery Stan
Ancient Art Tattoo
Enchanted Dragon
Old Towne Tattoo
Sacred Art Tattoo
Sanctity Tattoo
Immaculate Tattoos
Pat Sinatra
Todd Evans
Emilla Laurel – Fl
Pain and Wonder
Rogue Parlour AZ
Sparrow Tattoo
Timeless Tatttoo
Istari Studios
Sacred Rose Tattoo
Flesh Skin Grafix
Next Wave Tattoos
Black Rose Tattooers
Hidden Hand Tattoo
Dragons Den Tattoo
2012 Tattoo
Sailors Grave Tattoo Gallery
Phil Hatchet
Ghost House Tattoo
Ink Fever Tattoo
Big Mike 33
Earth Tribe Design
Disciple Tattoo
The Magic Fun Store
Ink Apothecary
Tiffany Garcia
David Sanchez


Wild Wild West Tattoo Expo 2012
(24-26 February)
(Last known edition)

  • T2 Tattoo Machine

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Wild Wild West Tattoo Expo
Wild Wild West Tattoo Expo 21 March 2014

Tattoo Artists:

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