29 April • 01 May 2016


Palazzo Zenobio
Dorsoduro 2596
30123 Venezia


Venetian Tattoo Gathering
The Venetian Tattoo Gathering is the first tattoo event of its kind, taking place within the beautiful city of Venice Italy, bringing together the most renowned artists in the world of contemporary tattooing, painting and sculpting. Not only will attendees experience the artistic and inspirational city of Venice Italy, but the Gathering allows the tattoo artists to absorb knowledge from artists and painters who travel worldwide to come together in order to celebrate arts & tattooing.

The gathering schedule will be filled with theoretic seminars, practical tattooing demonstrations, drawing sessions, outdoor painting and sculpting, etc., aiming at spreading a culture of arts and tattooing that elevates the art past the old stereotypes. The several speakers involved in the lectures and practical sessions are acknowledged as icons and masters of their arts by the artistic global community. The same can be said about all the artists working the show, be it tattooing, painting or sculpting. These artists truely represent some of the best among the best in their arts and whose success is internationally renowned. Besides top famous illustrators and painters like Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo, the first Venetian Tattoo Gathering will be honored to host tattoo artists (as well as painters) like Paul Booth, Jeff Gogue, Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrrell and Alex De Pase amongst many others.

The art of tattooing has been evolving at an amazing rate, and three of the arts most ardent supporters are joining forces to bring to tattooers, collectors and the curious a unique event landing at the perfect palace at the perfect time.

Tattooing has been transforming, evolving, growing, maturing and Durb Morrison and Alex De Pase have been two tattooers at the forefront of the artist growth. Durb Morrison has produced the Hell City Tattoo Festival for over 13 years, as well as owning internationally known tattoo studios and a tattoo supply company True Tubes. Alex De Pase is a founder of the Worldwide Tattoo Conference and Dermalize, protective tattoo film. Joining the pair of world class tattooers is Gabe Ripley, who has produced the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and founder of Off the Map Tattoo, all projects that pursue professional development with exceptional vigor. Each partner brings a tremendous energy, point of view and work ethic with their own personalities, and with their respective companies and crews of amazing people. This combination of forces will produce a unique event that tattooers, collectors, and anyone interested in tattooing will remember for years to come.

Venice is an inspiring city, with rich history in the arts and trade. Those who have been there know and those that don’t now have the perfect excuse. A Venetian Palace is a natural place for this event to channel the spirits necessary to push everyone to greater heights.

Top notch tattooing, arts in every sense and entertainment. Dedication to education, inspiration, and positive lifestyle. Tattooers have a mission to make a mark and we hope this event can do just that. Leave an impression on participants that lasts their lifetime. Hope to see you there.

Friday: 11:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 01:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 19:00
Seminars start at 11:30

Interview with Durb Morrison

Durb Morrisen 2016We had the chance to ask a few questions to world renowned Tattoo Artists Durb Morrisonone of the 3 partners together with Gabe Ripley and Alex De Pase of the Venetian Tattoo Gathering. We discussed the highlights of the event and the importance of education in the tattoo industry:

What makes the Venetian Tattoo Gathering so unique and what is the main idea behind it?

The Venetian Tattoo Gathering takes place for the first time in Venice, Italy this April 29th – May 1st! It will showcase the finest in tattooing painting, painting and tattoo and art education. Artists and attendees will have the chance to take many new, educational seminars throughout the weekend as well as various art workshops that will be presented!

What were the main reasons to choose Venice as a location for this event?

Venice, Italy has always been and artistic and romantic city that any artist should have the opportunity to visit and draw inspiration from. The history of tattooing as well as the history of Venice, Italy are both art history within themselves, The Venetian Tattoo Gathering will provide that experience to those traveling to this one of a kind event. We feel that the attending artists painters and educators will really be inspired not only from the Venetian Tattoo Gathering artists, but also by the city of Venice itself and its artistic inspiration it gives to those who visit.

How is the Venetian Tattoo Gathering related to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and how will it be different from it?

The Venetian Tattoo Gathering will have its own unique flavor and will have more of an intimate experience for the artists and attendees. Since the Venetian Tattoo Gathering will focus directly on high caliber tattoo artists from around the world and world renowned masters of painting teaching the classes and workshops, this will be a very unique learning experience for everyone involved.

Will there be any online real time broadcasting showing the event?

Yes, there will be online coverage and various live events being streamed during as well as footage being available after the Venetian Tattoo gathering.

You, Alex and Gabe have all been very active in sharing your knowledge and educating other artists. What is your main motivation for doing this?

The Venetian Tattoo Gathering is a collaboration of the organizers of the Paradise tattoo Gathering, The Hell City Tattoo Festival as well as The Worldwide Tattoo Conference. When Alex, Gabe and myself began speaking of where to do a new tattoo gathering Venice, Italy was an obvious choice for its arts and culture as well as its history and amazing architecture around the city!

Do you think that we will see more educational tattoo events in the future?

We hope that we see more educational events like The Venetian Tattoo Gathering where artists from around the world come to absorb tattoo and art education and theory. We hope these events inspire the modern tattoo artist and also the tattoo industry.

What changes do you feel have been the most significant in the tattoo conventions industry in the last decade?

There have been many changes with tattoo conventions today including the caliber of artists and the recognition of fine art. Also nowadays conventions offer a lot more education including seminars and discussion panels. The overall education has brought the understanding and knowledge of tattooing to a whole new level which is evident in today’s tattoo conventions.

Being yourself a very successful tattoo event organizer with the Hell City franchise and the Tattoo Gatherings, what is your best advice to new Tattoo Events promoters?

I say my best advice would be to always make sure you keep the integrity for what you’re doing while organizing any event involving art and people’s bodies. Never try to shortcut anything and always try to achieve the level of excellence and both the tattoo artists artistic performances and overall visual PO of the convention since tattooing is a visual art form. I feel that a convention should also be very visually pleasing and artistic in nature.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers? 

I’ve always prided myself in being an innovator with both my studios my conventions and the various True tattoo products I’ve released to the industry. I feel that it takes innovative people to really push the envelope and bring awareness to how conventions should be organized as well as how the artists should be treated. If you get a chance to come to Venice Italy for the the Venetian tattoo gathering you will not be disappointed and will add new artistic weapons to your artistic arsenal.


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