07 • 09 June 2024

Valencia Tattoo Convention 2024


Feria Valencia
Avenida de las Ferias,
S/N, 46035 Valencia




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Valencia Tattoo Convention 2024

Sorolla was a Valencian painter who, in his youth, upon finishing his drawing training at the School of Artisans of Valencia, began to send his works to competitions. At first, they went unnoticed, as they did not fit with the official painting, which had a historical and dramatic theme. But far from discouraging him, it was a motivation to continue his training and his evolution as a painter, with recognition and awards beginning to arrive. He became such a prolific artist that he left more than 2,200 works cataloged and received the honor of being named the Favorite and Meritorious Son of Valencia.
After 20 years, there are numerous tattoo artists who have experienced, participating in the Valencia International Tattoo Convention, an evolution in their art like that of Sorolla, from the days when their tattoos went unnoticed through their daily desire for improvement that has led them to go from being tattoo artists who attended seminars to expand their knowledge to being those who teach it to help the art of tattoo continue to evolve in our country.
The day will come when a Valencian tattoo artist will be named Favorite and Meritorious Son of Valencia, in recognition of the quality of his art and to proudly carry the name of Valencia around the world.
If the best places to admire the works of art of painters are museums, possibly the best places to admire the works of art of tattoo artists are the International Tattoo Conventions, and this year the one in Valencia will celebrate its coming of age with a notable evolution and moving to Féria Valencia. A 21st century facility where the best tattoo artists in Spain will act as perfect hosts for tattoo artists coming from all continents for this great celebration.
In this edition, 7,000 square meters will be dedicated to the art of tattooing, with performances, live music, contests, shows, body painting, and dance. Always counting as the cornerstone of the event are the hundreds of participating tattoo artists, who for three days will create works of art on the skin of such quality that the eyes of tattoo art lovers around the world turn towards Valencia, being able to feel it at the same time. to be part of an event of this magnitude, Favorite and Meritorious Sons of Valencia.



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