College years are times of bold experiments in all aspects of life. Adolescents usually explore their personalities, so they tend to take unusual actions and make brave choices. They often try different hobbies, change their social environment and completely alter their appearance.

As you might have noticed, many students like looking unique nowadays. And one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to get a tattoo. However, this may not be the best decision to make at college. Before we consider why you shouldn’t get tattooed, let’s have a quick look at the best way to receive academic help in college.


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Tattoos While Being A Student? 1 February 2016


Questionable expertise
Unfortunately, there are many unskilled and inexperienced tattoo artists. As a student, you might not be able to distinguish between a good and bad professional since you are not aware of industry standards. So if you don’t know a tattoo artist really well, it’s pretty risky to turn to them. You can’t be sure about having a safe and satisfying experience if you lack knowledge about your artist and have unclear requirements for their work. Hence, before getting tattooed, you should at least check an artist’s portfolio and ask for references.

 Worse career prospects
If you are still studying at college and haven’t received an offer for your dream job, take some time to properly think about getting a tattoo. Recruiting experts say that having visible tattoos makes it harder to get hired. Hence, if you get tattoos on your face, neck, forearms or hands, you’ll decrease your chances of becoming a part of a prestigious company. Unfortunately, even today, negative biases still affect most business sectors. Note that just because you are not searching for a job right now doesn’t mean you won’t need to do it in the future. So try to view things from a broad perspective and choose what is best for you in the long run.

Being judged
 According to the study conducted by Managing Service Quality, people who have visible tattoos are judged for them at some point or another. Researchers asked participants of this study to look at photos of people with and without tattoos and then make assumptions about them. It turned out that most participants viewed tattoos as a very unprofessional thing. Furthermore, participants of an older age believed that tattooed workers seem less intelligent and less honest than those who didn’t have a tattoo. Although you may think that it’s not smart to make life decisions based on what others think, you should still be ready for negative feedback. Note that a tattoo can dramatically change the way you are perceived. So if you are a very sensitive person and have unstable self-esteem, think twice.

Health risks
Everybody realizes that getting a tattoo is not like having professional makeup because it’s not that superficial. In its essence, a tattoo should be perceived as a medical procedure that carries risks similar to those associated with minor surgery. Since the needles penetrate your skin, you are exposed to various potential infections from the instruments. Doctors say that you need to accept the risks of immediate or delayed infection, poor healing or scarring, as well as a localized or systemic reaction to the ink. Therefore, if you don’t want to face negative long-term consequences for your body, you would better avoid tattoos.

Final thoughts

Getting a tattoo is a very personal choice which you have to make on your own. On the one hand, it can make you look extraordinary, so you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Chances are, you will earn a good reputation among your peers for this brave decision. However, this action also carries some risks for your career prospects, social status and health. Above, you can find just a few of them, but in fact, the list is much longer. So before getting a tattoo, weigh its pros and cons carefully. Don’t act impulsively, and consider the big picture.

Tattoos While Being A Student? 1 February 2016

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Jeremy Raynolds is a study skills coach. He works with students in a person-centred way to develop an individual plan for effective learning. Jeremy supports young students to critically reflect as learners and make the most of their studies.