Tattoos in gambling have different meanings depending on symbols, cultures, and beliefs of people. However, one needs to be keen since some tattoos have a positive or a negative meaning. Punters on JackpotCity online casino, the go-to online casino, for the greatest variety of casino games, would want to have a tattoo to cement their legendary status. Since time immemorial, tattoos have been used to show some strength of one’s character. There is no tattoo without pain. The endurance of the pain when getting tattoos enhances an individual’s well-being. Discussed below are the gambling tattoos and their meanings:

Dice Tattoos

Dice tattoos have different meanings. They are a symbol of taking risks, and the common one is the ‘roll the dice’ attitude to life. The tattoo means that one is free to live life as it comes. It also denotes a don’t –care attitude in life. On the other hand, the number rolled on the dice may mean luck in life. Instead of having one dice tattoo, you can include the dice tattoo on different tattoo designs.
Dice tattoos may mean risk-taker, good luck, daredevil, boldness, fortune, and gambler.

Playing Cards Tattoos

With playing cards, the face of the card has different connotations. It could be an ace, a king, or royal flush. The most commonly used tattoo design is the Royal Flush made up of the king, Queen, Jack, ace, spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. Playing cards are a symbol of power and a winning hand in poker.
The joker signifies a playful character. Gamblers believe that it is a sign of good luck.
The connotations can differ over time. For instance, the Ace of Spades was considered a sign of good luck in the 17th century: during the Vietnam War, it symbolized death after being worn by soldiers on their helmets.

Poker Chips Tattoo Designs

They are plastic pieces that will determine who wins a game of poker. They also represent a liking for gambling.

Number Seven Tattoo Design

Punters always consider number seven a lucky number in North America. It is also known as a “magic number.” If you are a gambler that always wants to be lucky, then have a number seven tattoo design.

Joker Tattoo Design

The joker tattoo design is also called the “wild card” in the deck. It can be a symbol of good luck or misfortune.

Lady Luck Tattoo Design

Lady Luck tattoo design is supposed to symbolize prosperity and good luck. Usually, it is represented by a beautiful lady who is sitting amongst the cards, dice, and treasure.

Eight Ball Tattoo Design

Here, there are eight balls meant to represent a mixture of fortunes. You can be lucky or unlucky. The eight balls tattoo simply means taking chances where fate is not known.

Cherries Tattoo Design

Cherries were used in the past in slot machines. If three cherries appeared in a row, they indicated that you were the winner. It is for this reason that the tattoo design is meant to denote good luck.

Bottom line

If you are a gambler, you should know that many people relate to gambling tattoo design themes. With gambling, you can either win or lose. This is the same for tattoo designs; some represent good luck while others represent misfortune.