The “Tattoons Project” was started by an Italian Tattoo Artist named “Alessandro Cecco Ceccato” during COVID as a way to pay tribute to the tattoo personalities he admired the most.

The very first “Tattoon” portrayed two tattoo legends, Gippi Rondinella from Italy and Jimmy Wong from Thailand. From there, Alessandro started making custom tattoos for hundreds of tattoo artists and professionals.

Gippi Rondinella & Jimmy Wong

Gippi Rondinella & Jimmy Wong

In 2023, Alessandro started collaborating with tattoo conventions to portray the main participants of each event. Most notably, he will be attending the Singapore Ink Show in October 2023.

Please get in touch with us at if you would like Alessandro to participate at your show.

Alessandro Ceccatto Tattoons Project

Tattoos at the Da Nang Tattoo Festival

Tattoons Custom PrintsTattoos with Custom Prints