Discounts to Disabled & Military

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It is good Business. Many Disabled bring 2-6 people to the shows with them who pay full price. Military personnel rarely travel alone. The presence of Disabled and Military people increases the credibility of the event. Everyone wins.

I was born with Rare Birth Defects. I’m Disabled & live on a very small Fixed Income. Disabled and Active Military all live on Fixed Incomes. It is very hard to live on a Fixed Income. I have known hundreds of Disabled People who wanted to go to Tattoo Events but had little money. They would have gone if there was a Discount. They would have brought all their full price paying friends too. Everyone would have a good time. The show would have more people in attendance and made more money.

Disabled, and Military people are the most loyal and supportive people you can have at a Tattoo Event. They have more energy at events. The shows give them a reason to go out and meet people who like tattoos like they do. Active Military personnel is a great thing at any show. They all deserve the Discounts. It is all about RESPECT.

How much does it cost to give Discounts to 10-30 people at a show? It is not like 500 Disabled and Active Military will flood a show. Not that many show up. Those who do, bring many others with them who pay full price. That 10-30 discounts can get you 50-100+ full paying friends that go with them. Add the positive advertising from promoting these Discounts, you can increase the attendance of the event even more. There is no way you can lose money with a few well-deserved Discounts.

To all Tattoo Event Organizers, Please offer Disabled & Active Military discounts at your Events. It will help your show. You will have more people. The Media will give you more Respect.


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Hello. My name is Matt Gone. I have been an attraction at Tattoo Conventions in 30+ Countries and I am the new International Contributor to World Tattoo Events. I travel to 14 - 18 Tattoo Conventions in 13 - 15 different countries a year. I am 99% Tattooed with a Checkered look. My eyes, and tongue are tattooed. I have tattoos inside my throat, inside my eyelids, and more internal tattoos than anyone in history. 140 people have tattooed me. Many famous legends. I am living Tattoo History. Many of you have seen me in the media. I have been in the Tattoo Media regularly for 32 years. I have a Guinness World Record for my Checkered Bodysuit. Ripley's Believe it or Not! Venice Beach Freakshow, Caso Cerrado, Telemundo, RTL Television, CNN, La Show De Recordi in Europe, International Advertising, TV shows, 1000's of newspapers, Internet news-media, and more. My story is simple. I am Tattooed for medical reasons. I have a rare birth defect called Poland's Syndrome. My tattoos hide very serious birth defects,missing muscles, surgery scars, and other medical problems. My Tattoos help me enjoy my body through a lifetime of pain, surgeries, and medical problems. I now have a very slow type of kidney disease, and only 1 kidney. I have other medical issues too and I am partially disabled. With all my body problems, I am still one of the most popular Tattooed Attractions in the World. I have been on more Tattoo Posters on World Tattoo Events than anyone over the past 5 years. I have a very large group of International Fans as well. I will be taking photos and writing reviews at the Tattoo Conventions I work at. I do Modeling, TV programs in many countries, and other projects. Look forward to many articles about my last 32 years around Tattoo Culture. I am also the International Representative of Dermal-Source. We are a Tattoo Supply company with a specialty in Cosmetic, Medical, and Specialty Tattoo Supply needs. My face was tattooed by Mary Jane Haake. She was Bert Grimm's last Apprentice. A pioneer in the fields of Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing.
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