I met Reinhold Dreule, founder and owner of TADOO at the Milano Tattoo Convention in 2020! We had a booth next to each other, and I had the chance to learn more about him and his incredibly technologically advanced tattoo chairs. Since I have seen his famous chairs, I had the impression that they were the Bentleys of the tattoo chairs. After an insighful conversation with Reinhold, I realized that I wasn’t wrong.

The Tattoo Chair King • Mastering Majesty in the World of Ink 7 May 2022

And here is why:

Dear Reinhold, Where is your fascination for tattoos coming from, and what’s your background?

I actually come from a mechanical background. I started working as an engine fitter, and later on, I attended the Mechanical Engineering HTL school in Graz (Austria). After my engineering degree, I went on to study business economics in Germany.

While studying, I have been working in many different positions until I became “Purchase Manager” for a big manufacturer focused on adjustable tables and furniture.

Around 2010/2011, knowing my mechanical skills, a friend of mine who owns a tattoo studio asked me if I could build a good-quality chair for his studio. And this is how I really started to better understand and get to know the tattoo industry.

At what point did you decide to turn that single project into what is now TADOO?

After delivering the first tattoo chair in 2011, we started the development of the first line of TADOO Tattoo Chairs. In 2012, we launched our first product at a small convention in Austria, and after that, we went for the first time to the Berlin Tattoo Convention.

What inspired you to start building tattoo chairs?

The inspiration in all of our brains and bodies is simple: we want to build the best tattoo chair on the market. Hell yeah, we set ourselves a high target. But without targets in life, you cannot get better and improve yourself.

The Tattoo Chair King • Mastering Majesty in the World of Ink 7 May 2022

Your tattoo chairs are widely recognized as the most exclusive and advanced in the world of tattooing. What really sets them apart from any other manufacturer?

Good question! Probably what really sets us apart is that we are straight-forward, honest, and have a lot of sense of humor!
And we are focused on some solid business principles:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • High-quality handmade manufacturing.
  • Extreme customization.
  • Proper after-sales service.

What kind of customization do you offer for your chairs?

Our chairs come in over 900 different colors, textures, and surfaces. The customer can also choose if they want the topper smooth, diamond-stitched, or with custom designs.

On top of that, we offer USB ports, an integrated battery, seat heating, and even seat massage.

What’s the most unique type of customization you can offer?

I don’t think it is possible to get anywhere else a tattoo chair with heating, an integrated massage system, and the design of real cork.

What’s the price range of your tattoo chairs?

Our tattoo chairs start at 3081 euros, and with full options, they may end up at around 4800 euros.

The Tattoo Chair King • Mastering Majesty in the World of Ink 7 May 2022

Why should every tattoo artist own one of your tattoo chairs?

Every artist should definitely have ergonomic furniture in his studio. For his own personal health and to avoid a common problem such as back pain. For example, a proper tattoo chair will lower the cost of therapeutic massage treatments for tattoo artists.

Also, our chairs definitely create that “WOW” effect of customers getting into the studio. When they sit on it, they will feel like real VIP’s, sitting on the most modern equipment on the market. In general, I believe that happy customers will always lead to healthier profits.

What is the main philosophy of TADOO?

We love what we do, and we place a piece of heart and soul in every single product we make. We also believe in steadily working with and collaborating with our customers.

What other products does TADOO offer besides tattoo chairs?

We offer a wide range of artist chairs, including saddle ones, round ones, chairs for men, and a newly developed triangle chair, which we created together with Tibor “Tibi” Szalasai.

What’s the most effective way to buy your chairs?

Customers can simply order via our webshop and we are available on the phone for further information.
On our Instagram channel, “Tadoo_Original”our customers can ask all they want to know about our products. Same thing on our Facebook page.

What’s your competitive advantage in a market that already has many consolidated players?

This question is not easy to answer, but maybe it’s because we know what we are doing. We know every small screw, and you can call me in the middle of the night and ask me about any problem. You will always get a solid answer.

We are also a company that values core fundamentals such as respect, loyalty, and honest business practices. After all, we are all humans.

What’s the most challenging part of running a tattoo supply company these days?

Well, many things have changed in the past few years. My impression is that many companies from around the world want to have a piece of the “Tattoo Business” cake.

A general tattoo supply company will always be challenged by selling products such as creams, colors, and needles with an expiration date. So they will always need to have high warehouse traffic.

In this scenario, the established tattoo brands that have been on the market for years or even decades have a lot of power in this industry, and they will probably just keep growing.

However, for newcomers, the investments required to enter this market are getting bigger and bigger. I believe that there is a lot of space for newcomers, as I was one 10 years ago. But not many newcomers will survive.

What is the most interesting trend you have noticed in the world of tattooing since you started to get interested in it?

Well, when I started back in 2012, I was already amazed by the current technological trends of that time. For example, I was really impressed by the first Cheyenne booth I saw at the Berlin Convention. New developments have constantly improved the technology of tattooing.

But the biggest trend I have observed lately is that many big players have been joining forces to bring into the market more new products than ever.

As a result, respect and loyalty are no longer the value of measurement; now it’s just money.

Do you plan to add other products to your collection?

Yes, we do. We are now ordering a “standalone armrest” which combines an armrest of 50×30 cm (19,7 x 11,8“). We are also working on a wing extension, which will enlarge our chairs to an additional 80cm wide. Also, we will launch a new version of our chair soon, which will grow in length to 195cm.

The Tattoo Chair King • Mastering Majesty in the World of Ink 7 May 2022

How has your experience been at tattoo conventions?

Since the beginning, I have been at big and small tattoo conventions, and in my opinion, as long as the convention management takes care of the tattoo artists and traders, it will be a positive experience for everyone!

Do you have any plans to visit any tattoo conventions in the near future?

Well, we planned to go to Milan, Paris, and maybe London. It would also be awesome to go to the United States, but it’s still a bit complicated to plan things out with the ongoing pandemic.

What’s your long-term vision for your company?

We want to consolidate TADOO as the leading and most innovative furniture producer in the whole tattoo industry. Actually more than a producer: a manufacturer.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Enjoy your life and take care of yourself and your customers. And spend money on quality products.

For orders and information about TADOO please visit the official website here.

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