Most people decide to get a tattoo in order to get something meaningful to them. Usually, the main motive of students is to get marked with something of personal significance that will be constantly with them. However, for some individuals, this is not the case. They may get a tattoo just because they like a particular design and want to look good. This is something like a permanent fashion accessory that complements personal aesthetic.

Some students also find tattoos a great way to express their individuality. Those who want to stand out in a crowd should choose some extraordinary designs and place them on visible parts of the body. So tattoos are often perceived as a physical manifestation of one’s personality.

Regardless of why you want to get a tattoo, you need to think twice before making such an important decision. Anyway, if you are sure about tattooing, find time for it in your busy student schedule!


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Best & Worst Student Tattoos 3 August 2016

If you want to get a tattoo but haven’t decided on its design yet, consider the ideas offered below. 


This is one of the most common tattoo images made by students. Talking about its origin, the design of the love heart shape came from sailors. When they go on a voyage, there is always a risk that they may not make it back. So while being away from home for months, sailors started tattooing hearts as a reminder of their feelings towards their loved ones, even during the toughest times. 


Roses have a feminine connotation, being a symbol of a loved woman. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a mom, wife, or girlfriend. Most importantly, a rose tattoo manifests affection for this person. Did you know that in Greek mythology, the rose was symbolic of Aphrodite? So it is no surprise that this image represents beautiful ideas when tattooed.


Snakes symbolize resistance and adaptability, that are so necessary for students. What’s more, the snake’s strength usually comes in its intelligence, so a tattoo with this animal could be a great reminder of true power that stems from wisdom. Also, a snake can be a symbol of rebirth since it can shed and emerge with freshly new skin.


Originally, an eagle tattoo was seen as a sign of patriotism and travel. Since America is a land of freedom and unlimited opportunities, a tattoo of a flying eagle may represent your chances to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Besides, eagles are very intelligent, so a tattoo depicting this bird can symbolize the characteristics that you are aiming to develop.


You might know that wolves are extremely loyal and they represent a ‘no man left behind’ attitude. So a tattoo of a wolf may mean that you have a solid family foundation and are very protective of your loved ones. Also, a wolf can represent your craving for leadership and hierarchy.


Best & Worst Student Tattoos 3 August 2016

 Sometimes, a tattoo is not really a good idea so you should hold yourself back from getting it.


Students tend to take impulsive actions when in love with somebody. Therefore, they often get inked with their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face. And this is actually the worst idea that can come to your mind. Just think: you are very young yet and there is no guarantee that your attitudes won’t transform over time. Chances are, you will break up with the person you love now. However, your tattoo will remain with you. So how are you going to start a new relationship while having a portrait of your ex on your body?


The name of a significant other is another bad idea for a tattoo. Similarly to the previous one, it makes you attached to a person with whom you may fall out love soon. Although having the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend tattooed on spots that people see is somehow romantic, it’s not really a smart decision. When a relationship is over and you go your own path separately, you may be asked confusing questions about your previous relationship experience. So, are you ready to answer them?

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Jeremy Raynolds is a popular tattoo master and artist. Jeremy enjoys creating extraordinary designs and making tattoos. He believes that tattooing is one of the best ways to make the body more beautiful.