Shannon Romijn, is a young and very talented self taught Dutch tattoo artist, which in a relatively short time, made a name for herself within the tattoo community and tattoo conventions circuit thanks to her beautiful realistic portraits. I met her for the first time at the 1st Deauville Tattoo Festival in 2017 and her tattooing style immediately got my attention. After seeing her at a few more tattoo conventions, I was very pleased to welcome her into the World Tattoo Events ProTeam and below is your chance to learn more about her.

For the readers which are not familiar with you, can you give us a brief of introduction of yourself?
I was born 25 years ago in Utrecht (The Netherlands). You can describe me as passionate and ambitious lady. All though I have health issues due to connective tissue problems, I am very persistent to try to get to best out of myself and I will not let it interfere with my motivation to follow my dreams. Even though I have to use a wheelchair for longer distances and having trouble with standing for a long period of time; I will never let it get in between my passion for tattooing.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

How & when did you start tattooing?
All my life I have been busy with drawing and sketching. When I was around 16 years old, I went to several tattoo shops to become an apprentice. I was either “just” a girl with no tattoos or simply to young they said. After a while I bought my first tattoo machine and practiced on oranges, lemons, practice skin and later on my dad and friends. I went to a lot off conventions to talk to other tattoo artists and watch them work also. When I was just 21 years old I started my own tattoo studio InstInkt in Nieuwegein.

What’s your definition of art?
Art is hard to describe; cause for every person it is different. For me its creating something special from nothing to a beautiful image or tattoo. Giving expression to someone thoughts into an image or picture is what I really like to do.

How would you define your tattoo style?
Realistic with a little arty 😊.

What’s the main source of inspiration for your tattoos?
For me the inspiration comes from life in general. Sometimes from music or nature, but also from comics or just thoughts running through my mind.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

What kind of approach do you have with your customers?
I think I am a very open and direct person. In a friendly conversation I try to figure out what the best result can be for that individual, so I can have the best result possible for them.

What kind of tattoos or projects do you really enjoy doing at conventions?
I love to do realistic tattoos; portraits or my own designs works for me.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

What kind of tattoos do you hate doing at conventions?
I really don’t like to do Maori style and clocks there!

Do you think you make better tattoos at the studio or at a tattoo convention?
That’s hard to say. On a convention I mostly plan big pieces, so I am busy and concentrated all the time. But I can’t say that its better in on the convention or in my studio to be honest.

Do you remember the first tattoo convention you have been working at?
YEAH 😊. That was the Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention in Haarlem.

Is there any particular country or region of the world which you fancy the most when you go to conventions?
At the moments that’s Finland, because the customers have a very different/funny taste of having tattoos. Last year someone wanted a combination of a banana and an octopus, which was really fun to do: the banaoctopus.

Did you ever win any contest prize so far?
Yeah! So far I won 19 prices; from First place Realistic, Best of show, Best of day, and Best of portraits.

Which prize are you the most proud of?
Best Realism, the portrait of Pennywise from the movie It, I made this year in Jyvaskyla.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

What’s your favourite tattoo convention so far? And why?
That was Lubeck Tattoo Convention in Leeuwarden the Netherlands; because it was my second convention I ever did and the first time I won 2 prices. Besides that; the atmosphere was very nice and it was very good organised.

What’s the most interesting trend you noticed at tattoo conventions?
Hard to say because I am only into this for 5 years now. What I do see more lately is the fact that there is more entertainment for families.

What’s your number one reason to attend a tattoo convention?
It’s very nice to be around other artists and make new friends and connections.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

How many tattoo conventions do you visit every year?
As a visitor I go to 2 or 3, but I work at 5 or 6 a year.

What’s your most memorable experience you ever had at a tattoo convention?
At Sinti Ink 2018 I didn’t expect to win anything and as a completely surprise I won Best of Show that weekend.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

What’s the most annoying side of a tattoo convention?
If there’s really loud music or noise next to my booth it can be very distracting. This year I was making a portrait while on another booth suddenly someone started to pop balloons. You can imagine, by not knowing this in advance it can be very annoying.

What do you think about the contests?
I love to take part of the contests, but I think they have to do only contest for tattoos placed on the convention itself. Besides that it’s sometimes hard to find the rules and regulations for the contests. That’s something that can be improved a bit.

In terms of convention organization what’s for you the most important aspect?
For me that’s enough space in the booth, electricity outlets, water and rules and regulations for the contests.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

What’s the best way to book you for a convention?
Contact directly by Facebook or mail or on the convention website.

What are the next tattoo conventions you are going to attend?
Rotterdam, New-York, World Tattoo Festival, Deauville and probably Jyvaskyla Finland. I am also hoping to go to Philadelphia in February! ;)

Do you usually prefer to set an appointment before the convention or are you open to work on the spot?
I prefer to have an appointment for at least one big piece and after that off course work on the spot. I like to start working when the convention is open, so people can see you work and following the result. Due to that you’ll get requests for working on the spot is my experience so far.

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

Do you do any collaborations tattoos?
Yes, I did two of them this year in Moscow with Dim Bukhrov. Dim and I are planning to go to the tattoo convention in Deauville in 2019 together and with the intention to do a few there.

Who are the people you admire the most in this industry?
I love the works from Julian Siebert.

Does your family support your profession?
Yeah very much!! My dad even has several tattoos by me.

Your favorite inks?
World Famous Tattoo Ink!

Your favorite machines?
FX Products Xion Spectra

What after care product would you recommend?

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?
I hope to be an inspiration for others. Never let anything get into your way to become what you want to be. Try to for fill your dreams, even when life isn’t always easy for you. Try to get everything out of it and live life to the fullest!!

Shannon Romijn • A Self Taught Dutch Tattoo Artist 26 February 2019

Instinkt Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

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