The Rome Tattoo Museum it’s widely considered the most important structure in Italy dedicated to the art of tattooing. The place is the result of over 30 years of passion and dedication by it’s founder, Mr. “Kubo”. The museum is part of a building from the 1800’s located in the Parioli district, specifically in the area of Acqua Acetosa. A historically important structure, it is protected by Cultural Heritage Management.

Rome Tattoo Museum • The Italian Temple Of Tattooing 26 January 2022

From its high windows, one can catch sight of the Acqua Acetosa fountain, attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, only a few meters away.

The current owner carefully preserved some of the structures of his studio to allow visitors to take in its energy. The roofs and ceilings, with their original wooden beams, frame the prestigious collection, and the space has been deliberately left as antique as possible to harmonize with the historical artifacts and ancient equipment.


Rome Tattoo Museum • The Italian Temple Of Tattooing 26 January 2022

Rome, the capital of the art of sacred culture, where every day you can experience the wonder of eternal beauty amidst marble columns and saints full of glory, is home to the only Tattoo Museum in Italy, where culture and history of tattoos combine with Baroque art and the colors of Caravaggio.

This won’t be your regular Tattoo Artist Guest Spot; it will instead be a live experience out of time.

This Art Experience project aims to immerse the tattoo artist not only in an exceptional location such as the Tattoo Museum, where they can learn about the origins and history of tattooing, but also to explore some very special and secret places of ancient Rome and sacred art.

This project is curated by Antonio Proietti, an Italian tattoo artist with a strong artistic background in Renaissance art, and it presents the possibility of creating an art fusion artistic performance at the Tattoo Museum, along with a short film documenting the whole event.

The aim of the project is in fact to create a new format for tattooing by making short films that not only tell the great works of art, but the tattoo will also have the privilege of comparing itself to them as a new form of contemporary art, living a live experience.

All this is aimed at the new generation of the tattoo world, educating them about this art form that is not only aesthetic, superfluous, and cold, but behind each tattoo there is a personal story with a deep meaning, motivated by feelings and by experiences that have marked our past. All this, with its most important true meaning, is being lost.