Last of The Bowery Scab Merchants is a 2 CD audiobook set of interviews with Walter Moskowitz. Walter was one of the last Bowery Scab merchants along with his brother Bowery Stan…. Walter learned from his Father Willy who also taught Walters brother Bowery Stan and their brother-in -law Stanley Farber ( Flatbush Stan ), Scab Merchant was slang for Tattooer. Walter speaks of almost 100 years of tattooing. About the characters. The legal problems. All the stories you will never hear anywhere else but this CD set. The stories about the early days of Tattooing are incredible. You must buy this CD set, and listen for yourself.

Last of The Bowery Scab Merchants 28 March 2018

Marvin Moskowitz says about the book: ” What started out as a labor of love as my brother Doug was recording my Dad Walter Moskowitz during his last year of his life and his views of his life turned into this two CD audio book about his life as a Bowery Tattooer. So sit back and enjoy history right out of the mouth of someone who lived it. ”

Last of The Bowery Scab Merchants is a must for any Tattoo Collector and it comes with a 22 pages booklet.

  • Limem Tattoo Supply 2019

Also available for purchase directly from Marvin Mosckowitz on Facebook: Marvin Moskowitz

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