Redesign Your Day With Inkbusiness 11 April 2022

Run social media on a regular basis, organize an event, spend money on appropriate marketing, and work even harder—you probably heard it more than once. However, how can you not go crazy with the stacks of tips and get the most value out of them so that more customers appear in your tattoo studio and thus the shop’s profit increases?


Redesign Your Day With Inkbusiness 11 April 2022

Most likely, we’re not the only ones who would like to have everything well organized all at once. But let’s be honest, it’s just not possible. Any changes in our studio should be well thought out and then introduced in small steps. Thanks to this, the effect can be much better and, above all, long-lasting.


Routine maintenance of your social media channels is one thing, but do you pay attention to the analysis of your results and the benefit of creating them? Reach is indeed important, but remember that it’s even better if views, likes, and comments translate into reservations for tattoo sessions in your studio. INKbusiness, which was created for the tattoo industry, will help you analyze your activities. One of the features of the system is monitoring and checking from which channel most clients come. Thanks to this, you will know what to focus on the most and thus maximize your profit and save time on less effective activities.


Redesign Your Day With Inkbusiness 11 April 2022

If the content on Instagram, Facebook, or a completely different activity has already encouraged your followers to book a session with you, it’s worth realizing if the visit to your studio is well organized. Are you collecting sign-ups on Social Media, email, and by phone? We know this can cause a lot of trouble, such as SPAM or lost messages due to the number of messages. However, if you don’t want to give up any of the booking channels, INKbusiness can help you with that too. Thanks to the application, you can check all the previously mentioned sites from one place. Yes, we are serious! This way, each time you open your daily planning system (our CRM), your messages won’t be scattered around in different places, saving you time and your nerves.

But let’s go back to losing messages for a moment… Have you ever had a situation in which a client described all the information about a tattoo but, after some time, you couldn’t find it? With INKbusiness you can eliminate this problem! When booking a customer for a session, you can enter all the essential information, such as:

● personal data
● contact information of the customer
● a verbal description of the tattoo
● a reference picture
● size of the design
● location of the tattoo
● special notes about the client (e.g. allergies)



Unfortunately, many tattoo artists have experienced a situation where a client doesn’t show up for an appointment, and in the end, it means that people who could actually come to us for a tattoo at that time are deprived of that chance, and we are left with an empty wallet. So how do we minimize the percentage of missed sessions? By automating notifications and reminders. When you enter the session date with all the details into the INKbusiness calendar, the client will be notified via SMS and/or e-mail about the time, date, and place of the session. The same notification will also be sent out one week before the session and the day before the session. This way, you will remind your client to confirm that the session will definitely take place and that you or another artist is waiting for him/her at a given time in the studio. But most importantly, this action does not require any additional time from you.


You already know what will help you get new clients; nevertheless, how do you bring previous clients back to your shop? First and foremost, it’s important that after visiting you, they feel satisfaction and pleasure. After all, a tattoo session is something special for many tattoo enthusiasts. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves—a good impression is always important, no matter the industry. If you already know that the atmosphere at your place makes customers come back to you, it’s worth helping yourself with strategic moves such as e-mail and SMS marketing, which is a new feature in INKbusiness. In the case of SMS marketing, all you need to do is enter the title and content of the message into the system and then send the message to your entire customer base with a single click, which is also created automatically when you enter individual bookings. However, if you are interested in sending an e-mail, you can send all the necessary information to and Team INKbusiness will forward this message. This way, you can notify all your customers about promotions, walk-in, or any other fun events in your shop


Redesign Your Day With Inkbusiness 11 April 2022

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