Hygiene and Safety
Complete guidelines for aesthetic treatment, permanent make-up, tattoos and piercing.

I was introduced to the Hygiene & Safety Book in January 2019 while I was in Rome (Italy). And thanks to Antonio Proietti, I’ve even been able to meet and talk to the author Simona Casadei about her indispensable guide, concerning hygiene & safety for tattoo, piercing and permanent make up studios. These are the highlights of Simona’s remarkable work:

Hygiene & Safety Book 6 February 2019


I have gone into great detail to teach you the most important themes divided by chapters, starting with a brief explanation of what tattoo-piercing-pmu really are about, from their spread to the world, to the infectious risk of viral hepatitis in Italy, Europe and in the rest of the world, from information and contraindications to complications and unwanted effects. I describe in-depth studies on microorganisms, viral hepatitis and vaccines, closely describing the contamination mechanisms, the infectious chain and the transmission pathways of infections. Then I continue with the customer’s hygiene, the operator’s hygiene (hand washing, personal protective equipment, accident handling) and the environment (furnishings, equipment, disposables, linens) with its products and disinfectants to sanitize.

I proceed with the long sterilization process with all its phases in the slightest detail; the dressing (healing and the before, during and after treatment) and new fashionable techniques (microblading, medical tattoos). I get to the assembly and disassembly of your work space. I deal with the disposal of hazardous waste at an infectious risk, contaminated waste (needles, sharps and materials) and their safe operation. I discuss the ins and outs of the legislative framework, control and supervision, courses, start-up activity and the most important documents of the requirements of the activity and the premises.

I specify control indications for you, the operator (limits and prohibitions, anesthetics, informed consent, privacy, minors, conventions, piercing ear cartilage) and ending with the necessary materials (inks, equipment, needles, jewellery), risks, controls and labels, biocompatible materials.

The purpose of these content-rich guidelines is to provide as much information as possible to you, my colleagues, to bring hygiene and health safety to the aesthetics, permanent make-up, tattoo and piercing in a period of rapid growth – but also of confusion – in our sector.

I want to give you value, value, value.


1) In the third edition of the “Hygiene and Safety”: 25 years of author’s experience + the review of the Italian Ministry of Health + the European Association of Estheticians CEPEC who recommend it to everyone, as a truly unique reference book.

2) A complete guide: the contents of this manual is the result of the skills acquired with daily practice and all the information gathered during courses, conferences and documents collected in 25 years of experience in this field by the author. These come from doctors, engineers, accredited lawyers and the Italian Ministry of Health.

3) In the third edition:

  • Dr. A. F. of the Italian Ministry of Health has revised the manual and presents it personally as a manual for schools and training courses in the sector;
  • CEPEC – European Confederation of Beauticians and Professional Cosmetics – (made up of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and SMEunited member – European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with more than 12 million companies with about 55 million employees in Europe, including beauticians), defined the manual as a useful and necessary tool, authorizing the use of the CEPEC logo and presenting the manual in European beauty centers and in training schools.


Hygiene & Safety Book 6 February 2019Hygiene & Safety Book 6 February 2019


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Antonio Proietti

Antonio Proietti was born in Tivoli in 1982, a painter since childhood, working in the field of sacred art from the age of 12 to 22 years. In 2006, he started the art of realistic tattooing and today he is recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in Italy.
He performs all forms of art in his studio all, from painting to sculpture, from tattoo to photography.

Simona is sure of her ideas and very professional. Her work demonstrates the will to improve a sector and to make our job impeccable and for total service of people.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Determined, headstrong, respectful.

Comment on the manual: An interesting and at the same time very comprehensive manual full of social information. It fills in some major gaps in the aesthetic and tattoo fields, which can educate not only the specialists in the field, but also who is self-taught.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Analytical, instructive, fundamental.

Bruno Valsecchi

Bruno Valsecchi, has been working as a professional piercer since 1994. He is professionally trained in London, after which he came back to Italy where to open several studios.

He offers his services as a technical consultant for public and private entities, for magazines and publishing houses, designs jewellery and body piercing and body modification instruments for various companies, creates and develops various body modification procedures, organizes and participates in exhibitions and Body Art shows. He is also organizer of events related to body suspension. He teaches during international conferences and events.

He is founding partner of A.P.T.P.I. (Italian Professional Association for Piercers and Tattooists), A.P.T.P.I. Suspension Team, I.S.A. (International Suspension Alliance), S.S. (Safe Scarification Alliance), B.A.D. (Body Art Development), B.A.S.P. (Body Art Safe Practice). He is the founder of an innovative reconstructive plastic surgery technique and for consulting plastic surgery departments in Italy.

I met Simona as a founding member of ATEC in 2004 while attending one of the A.P.T.P.I congresses which I organized. Seeing disciplined professionals there who seemingly at the time were above our tattoo and piercings activities, I was curious and stimulated at the same time. Her spirit of professional abnegation has been confirmed over the years by her commitment to continuing vocational training to achieve quality and safety levels for her clients and, with this educational project, also for the entire community.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Headstrong, coherent, positive and proactive.

Comment on the manual: After reading the book, I can confirm that it is an excellent general technical and hygienic point of reference, which concerns aesthetics practices, permanent makeup, tattoo and piercing.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Innovative, detailed, useful.

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