Tattoos From Cremated Ashes 5 February 2018

Tattoos are still a conflicting subject globally, though they are widely accepted in most parts. Each person with a tattoo on their body has a reason for the same. Others, though they have no reason, they have them because they see others with them.

For most people, tattoos hold sentimental value as they have a loved one name on them. And the loved one doesn’t have to be alive to get their name tattooed on you. If they are dead and cremated, you can use their ashes to get the most sentimental tattoo yet. 

Here’s how to go about it when you want to get a tattoo with a loved one’s ashes and be safe while you do it. 

How it Works

The idea of getting a tattoo with the ashes of a loved one can look a bit more complex, but it isn’t. The ashes of the loved one are mixed in ink used to tattoo your skin. The amount shouldn’t be more than a single tablespoon of the ashes. 

The ashes are mixed with the regular ink – nothing special about the ink. And then ink is then loaded into the gun and used to ink your body. The ashes need to be refined so that they don’t clog the gun. 

The tattoo tools are particular, and the artists need to have the specific know-how to deal with the ashes and ink mix. If not, they’ll destroy the tools, and the tattoo design won’t be as initially expected.

When you get the ashes from the crematorium, you must ensure that you refine the ashes to even smaller particles. This will make both your and the artist’s work much easier when it’s time to draw. As long as the artist has the necessary experience to draw with ash infused tattoos, it should go well. 

A tattoo parlour such as Engrave tattoo has the know-how to deal with such tattoos. When you visit them, you can get advice on how to go about it and even book an appointment. You then have nothing to worry about when your work finally comes. 

Safety Concerns

This isn’t going to be ordinary ink that is used to tattoo, there’ll be some additives, and it’s normal to have some fears. One of the biggest fears you are likely to have is if there will be infections. The chance of infection here is pretty minimal due to the temperatures. 

When a body is cremated, the temperature levels are at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit and, in essence, eliminate the idea of infection. Though nothing is proven yet, there’s no way that infection-causing germs can survive under such temperatures. 

But it also doesn’t take away the need for safety where ashes are involved. First, you need to ensure that the ashes are handled carefully and in a sterile environment. This should be the case, mainly when mixed with the ink to eliminate the chances of infection. 

When the ink by itself is contaminated, there are risks of infection and where ashes are involved, the infection rate is higher. You need to ensure that you have consulted before you get this type of tattoo, and they need to be experienced in the art. 

When you get a professional service, who deals with these types of tattoos, they will let you know early on what to do. And they can inform you of the kind of precautions that you need to take with the ash. They will then learn how to mix the ink and the ash and what environment to do it under. 

Tattoos From Cremated Ashes 5 February 2018

How Different Are They from Normal Tattoos?

Most tattoos use the regular ink that anyone else uses. But when it comes to the ash tattoos, the difference is the mix. Here, the tattoo artist won’t only use ink alone; they will add the ashes to the ink to create a thicker ink. 

When you get the tattoo done, it may or may not feel any different from getting an average ink tattoo. The idea is pretty much the same, and when it’s done, it should look the same as the regular ink tattoo. There’s not much difference here. 

The only difference you can experience when you get an ash tattoo is when it heals. If you have other tattoos, you should notice that there’s a difference when it comes to healing. Several people have complained of an itch when the ash tattoo heals. 

The itch shouldn’t stay on for long, though. It should only be there for a couple of weeks or days until the tattoo fully heals. But if you have sensitive skin, you should even look at getting this type of tattoo, though or any other. 

When the itch persists, you need to seek medical services to help you do away with the itch. If you have never done tattoos before, it may even be a sign of sensitive skin. And it would help if you dealt with that as early as possible. 

Who Should You Get This Tattoo

The ash tattoo style isn’t for everyone, and when you have sensitive skin, you should not get this tattoo. But several people can get the tattoo for various reasons. For example, you can get it for a sentimental reason and the need to feel close to someone dear to you. 

Getting the ash isn’t hard as you get the ashes after the funeral is done. And you only need a tablespoon of the ash for the whole tattoo, no matter how big it is. Anything more, and there may be some safety concerns that may creep up that you have to be wary of. 


Ash tattoos are becoming quite popular as more people want an attachment to their dead loved ones. And this presents one of the best ideas to do just that and feel close to the person forever. But some things have to be considered before you go for the style of tattoo. Above, you can find all you need to know and how to go about it.