In modern times, the art of tattooing has become a very popular way for many people to express themselves, especially how they think about certain things and their general ideas about life and everything they encounter.

A significant number of people use tattoos to define & identify themselves. What some people may not know is that this art form is actually very old and goes back a long way, and there were many types of people and even a couple of ancient civilizations that made extensive use of tattooing. It is widely accepted that the first people to make use of tattoos were the ancient Egyptians.

Apparently, it was used for the marketing of slaves so that it could be known at a glance to which pyramid building project a specific slave had been assigned. The same thing was done for criminals, and they were marked so that they could be identified for who they were. Eventually, tattooing spread to several other regions of Asia, and even the Chinese started to make use of tattooing in approximately 2000 BC.

Unveiling Tattoo's Evolution • An Essay on Its Rich History 31 January 2018


Apparently, the word tattoo comes from the old Tahitian word tatu, which simply means the act of marking something. Many different cultures and nations all around the world have practiced the art of tattooing at one time or another. Many people living in Asia make extensive use of tattooing, and this is used for a whole range of purposes, such as to identify a specific tradition or religion.

There was even a custom where tattooing was done on fingers or around the wrists of people because this was believed to ward off bad luck or illness. Eventually the time was reached when not only criminals and slaves were making use of tattoos, but an increasing number of higher-class people started to make use of tattoos to signify their social class in society, and they were also used for a whole range of other purposes. In some cultures, the art of tattooing was used to signify a special skill that a person may have.

Unveiling Tattoo's Evolution • An Essay on Its Rich History 31 January 2018


There was a lot of experimentation with tattooing in ancient times and many styles were developed and even these differed from individual to individual and also from one society to another.

Also, the reasons why people made use of tattooing differed considerably, with some people using it for religious reasons but in the majority of cases, there is simply no logical explanation for why a specific form of tattooing was used except to accept that the person had some individual reason or motivation for choosing a specific design. It is well -known today that tattooing has been in existence even before people started to record history and it was practiced widely all over the planet in a whole range of different forms.

It is also relatively certain that tattooing is likely to be around well into the distant future and that new developments is likely to emerge as well as more effective technologies. Although it is abundantly clear that many of the basic principles and ideas behind tattooing have been basically the same for at least 2000 years, there has been a lot of changes through the ages in the way in which people reason and also in the styles, which has evolved over hundreds of years.

Unveiling Tattoo's Evolution • An Essay on Its Rich History 31 January 2018


A 5000-year-old body has been found on the slopes of the Italian Alps, and because of the low temperatures, this body was very well preserved. On the back and behind the knees, there were several simple tattoos. It is uncertain what the reason for these tattoos was, but there is some speculation that they were for medical reasons.

There is also speculation that the pigment that was used may have come from a certain type of berry, which is known for its medicinal value. There was also another interesting case involving a priestess of the goddess Hathor who lived in 2160 BC. This body was decorated with strange blue lines and dots, which covered most of the body.

The reason for these decorations is still uncertain, although there are some speculations. There were also other similar female bodies found in the tombs of kings, and these were brides of the dead, which were supposed to lead the deceased king to the afterlife.In other countries, such as New Zealand, there are at least two tribes, namely the Tamoko and the Maori, who are known to make extensive use of tattoos for a wide variety of reasons.

Among the Maori, there was a rather impressive form of offacial tattooing that was used primarily for the warrior class. We certainly haven’t heard the last about the art of tattooing because it is a well-known fact that it is widely practiced all over the globe.

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