My good friend Alessandro Cecco Ceccato has lately been talking a lot about a new product that he really seemed to love: an iPad screen protector that gives a real feel of paper called Doodroo. As I’m always very curious about new products and technologies entering the tattoo industry, I got in touch with Claudio Silvestri who is the co-owner of the Doodroo brand, to have a chat with him and find out what the product is really about.

Doodroo Screen Protector • The Sensation of Real Paper 20 October 2022
Doodroo‚ is a screen protector for iPad. Doodroo has managed to recreate a screen-protecting film with the same resistance and sound as a pencil writing on paper. An extraordinary result to date and long dreamed of by artists working on their iPads, missing a natural surface.

Before Doodroo, the Apple Pencil offered a very different experience from paper. The traction of the pencil on the iPad screen was almost nonexistent due to its smooth surface. As a result, artists could not experience the same feeling of natural support, resulting in many shying away from the use of digital devices.

How and when did Doodroo get started?

The Doodroo brand was created in 2018 by Annalisa Romita, and I joined a year later. We have both been in the Apple and iPad worlds for over 20 years. We noticed that on the market, there were some products to recreate the paper effect on iPads. But for us, loving perfection was not enough, and after 12 months of research and development with our technicians, the real paper effect film for the iPad was born. With Doodroo‚ we are confident to offer a product that recreates the same paper/pencil friction of 94%; of course, the film is also scratch-resistant and, very important for tattoo artists, anti-glare.

How and when did Doodroo realize that it was an excellent product for the tattoo community?

It all happened by chance: our first test with the tattoo artist world was made in Italy (since we are Italians) with Rebecca Zombie from Atelier Zombie. Rebecca was very enthusiastic, as she could finally draw on her iPad as if drawing on any sheet of paper. After there was Stefano Fabretti and ever since, it has been escalating around the world.

I noticed that many high-profile tattoo artists have already been using your products. What’s the feedback so far?

That’s indeed true, and we are very honoured and pleased to have thousands of tattoo artists from all over the world as customers, from Europe to America and even Asia. We could spend some days mentioning them all, but I would definitely like to mention the following tattoo artists:

Thomas Carli Jarlier says, “The texture and the touch are totally different than with the usual iPad screen. There was no difference in grip on long lines while doing my stencils. Somehow, the paper is making the iPad screen more responsive than normally. I usually only use my iPad for stencil purposes, but after trying to draw in Procreate with the pencil tools, it truly feels like simply drawing on paper. So I’m happy to say that it’s the first time that I would consider actually drawing on something digital, as it truly feels like a proper piece of paper.

I can really recommend to everyone this screen cover, which really takes digital art to another level.
This is something that truly makes things easier for us artists, and it can help us save time by giving us more control over what we are doing with our iPads.”

Matteo Pasqualin affirms that “with this film for iPad, you have the feeling of writing on paper. It is fantastic and highly recommended.”.

Onny Somboon said, “Initially, I was not a fan of drawing on the iPad; the glass and pen were to slippery, and that never felt good for me. In all the workshops I gave, I’ve always advised everyone to make the stencil with pen and paper. Now that I use the Doodroo Screen Protector, I do 99% on the iPad, as it feels like drawing on paper, and my digital lines have improved a lot. Also, the coloring and blending are going a lot smoother. So now I advise all students from my workshops to get a doodroo. Comments I got from people who used other brands were that the film was a bit milky white. Well, this is not the case with the doodroo. I am a very happy user, and this has really changed my life on the iPad.

Totoo Styler “ I just put the screen protector and pencil skin on. I’m very excited about the quality of both and also the amount of texture you guys have on the screen protector. I’ve tried a few in the past where they were supposed to feel like paper, and this one is definitely the closest.” I do recommend buying it!

Here are a couple of reviews in Italian and English.

Why should every tattoo artist use Doodroo?

We like the professionals to talk about the product, and what I just told you about is just an example of that.

Besides screen protectors, what other products do you manufacture that could benefit the tattoo community?

Together with the film, we have combined some useful products to make the most of the iPad and be able to draw with maximum comfort. The first accessory is the silicon skin for Apple Pencil; it increases grip and gives you greater control while drawing; the second product we recently released is a two-finger glove that helps to draw better on the iPad as it avoids direct palm contact with it and increases control; and last but not least, a very convenient spray cleaning and disinfecting the screen in a single pass.

Do you plan to add other products to your existing collection?

8 Of course, we are constantly researching and developing; we are already working on a new accessory for tattoo artists designing on iPad, but obviously, in this moment, I cannot reveal anything.

What’s your competitive advantage in your particular niche market?

Actually, the advantage for those who choose Doodroo‚ is to find a new family friend. We noticed from the very beginning that tattoo artists are fantastic people and are one big family, a wonderful feeling that is not easy to find in other markets. When a tattoo artist contacts our customer service, active nearly 24 hours a day ‚ò∫, we are always pleased to welcome another member in the big family of tattoo artists using Doodroo.

What role do tattoo conventions play in your overall branding and marketing strategy?

Tattoo conventions are the perfect moment for tattoo artists from around the world to confront each other and learn about new technologies in the tattoo design phase.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Let me thank you for this new partnership with World Tattoo Events. we are very honoured and pleased. At present, the sale of Doodroo‚ is only done via our website in Europe or on Amazon but very soon Doodroo‚ will also be available at distributors in the tattoo sector (we have already started a cooperation with tattoo skin). By the way, I would like to take the opportunity to say that if some distributor around the world is interested, they can send an email at Thank You!

For more information about Doodroo, please visit the Official Website Here.