Hi, I’m Alex Van Dutch and today I had the pleasure to speak with a representative of Bheppo. A relatively new brand in the tattoo scene, which has quickly gained a lot of attention within the tattoo artist community. Let’s find out why:

How and when did Bheppo get started?

Bheppo was established in 2018 with the idea of making more effective and practical (travel) tattoo armrests, initially for ourselves as we are tattoo artists as well. We are based in Denmark.

Bheppo • Tattoo Care Products For Artists 1 April 2021

What has made Bheppo so successful in such a short time?

Primarily, we create the products that we would like to use in our own studios or when we travel. We then spend a lot of time optimizing those products and making them as effective as possible before starting production.  This creates an internal feedback loop within our organization, where we already know what tattoo artists like to use and what the clients are most comfortable with.

What are your main products?

Our current offerings consist of arm rests (also in XXL format), butter, glid, greensoap, aftercare creams, and apparel.

Bheppo • Tattoo Care Products For Artists 1 April 2021

What’s your most successful product?

Success in terms of sales is definitely our butter. But all our products actually sell very well.

In which countries is Bheppo present?

Right now, we are growing very well in France and Switzerland. We are entering other European markets and even in the far East, in countries like Vietnam. We are also trying to establish partnerships with the best market players.

What is the main philosophy of your brand?

At the core of our brand philosophy, we only develop and produce products that we would love to use ourselves. This gives us a huge drive, knowing that our products will also benefit the entire tattoo community.

How is the collaboration with your ProTeam artists working out for you?

Our ProTeam is formed by very talented and internationally renowned tattoo artists. We are very proud to collaborate with them. The biggest happiness for us is that they truly love our products. When they use Bheppo products, they honestly promote us.

What’s really unique about Bheppo?

As mentioned before, we don’t sell anything that we would not use ourselves. We care about providing good and quality products that will make us, tattoo artists, and clients happy. This is why, for example, we are always listening to our customers, and we are always open to suggestions to improve in any way we can. This approach is what truly defines us.

Bheppo • Tattoo Care Products For Artists 1 April 2021

What’s the most challenging part of running a tattoo supply company these days?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has definitely been challenging for the entire tattoo industry. As a manufacturer, the biggest problem we are probably dealing with is the fact that the supply chain system got a bit slower due to all the travel and transport restrictions in place. Which resulted in slower deliveries for some of our customers.

What type of new products are you currently working on?

Right now, we’re working on travel tattoo luggage (work station), automatic armrests, stencil lotion, numbing foam with natural ingredients, and more. We are very excited about those new products.

How has your experience been at tattoo conventions?

Tattoo conventions are the greatest and possibly the most effective way to reach tattoo artists and professionals from everywhere. They can test our products and feel the quality right on the spot.

What are your next tattoo conventions?

We are planning to attend conventions in Lille, Besancon, Bern, Brussels, and more. If the COVID-19 situation improves, we plan to attend 4 tattoo conventions a month (or one every week). We allocate significant resources to attend the best conventions.

What’s your long-term goal for your company?

To be the world’s most respected tattoo brand that creates exceptional products using the finest and most environmentally friendly technologies.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Just try our products; we are sure you will love them!!! Thank You!!

To learn more about Bheppo:

E: questions@bheppo.com
T: +45 27 14 34 49

What’s your experience with Bheppo’s products and service? Please share your comments here below. Thank you.

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