Disposable Tattoo Needles & Tubes 4 August 2018

As a tattoo artist, you rely on your tattoo supplies to help give your customers a stunning tattoo they will be proud of and want to show off. As such, professional tattoo supplies are a must, and while there are a lot of choices when it comes to tattoo needles online, we really love the benefits of disposable tattoo grips, needles, and tubes. We understand there are some tattoos that require the precision that only autoclave tattoo needles can provide, but there are many reasons to consider disposable tattooing needles for the rest.


When a customer is getting a tattoo, they are undoubtedly concerned about how sterile the equipment is. Of course, you keep your autoclave sterile too, but when they see you open a brand-new package of disposable tattoo tubes, grips, and needles, they will know for sure that what you are about to use, is safe. In fact, all of our disposable tattoo needle supply kits are sterilized by a facility that has ISO 9002/ISO 13488 Standard.


With our disposable tattooing needles, you get all of the pieces you need in one ready-to-go package. You don’t have to bother with collecting the tube, grip, tip, and needle separately. Just open up the package, connect the pre-assembled setup to your tattoo machine, and you are set. And when you are done with your masterpiece, you simply throw the disposable tattooing needles in the trash. There is no cleaning, scrubbing, or sterilizing to worry about.

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Yes, overtime, using re-washable tattoo supplies may be more cost efficient, but when you are looking at the upfront costs required, disposable tattoo needles win every time. Not only will you spend less money on the supplies themselves, you also don’t have to worry about purchasing all of the cleaning materials you need for autoclave equipment.


With disposable tattoo supplies, you don’t have to be limited to just one style. In fact, we carry three different kits you can keep on standby for whatever type of tattoo you are creating: the Magnum Needle Combo, the Round Needle Combo, and the Liner Needle Combo.

When you need disposable tattoo needles online, you can count on the safety and quality of the professional tattoo supplies at Tommy’s. We are committed to making sure you have everything you need to create true works of art, and we are always here to help you choose which needles, grips, and tubes are the best for your needs. To learn more about any of our tattoo supplies, contact us now.

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