The Sri Lanka Tattoo Festival • A Mystical Tattoo Experience 19 September 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we received an event submission that sparked my interest: the Mystical Sri Lanka Tattoo Festival.

Since I didn’t see many tattoo events going on in Sri Lanka, I thought this was a nice occasion to learn something new of the tattoo culture from this big island just south of India. So I decided to contact the organizer, which is a tattoo artists named Nirmal Ruvinda Dias and I’ve asked him a few questions about him and his tattoo convention.

Nirmal online biography gives us a good glimpse about him:
Nirmal is an individual descending from an artistic family; ha has oriented to the field of arts and crafts while he was schooling and he has already being having an interest of tattoo arts. The intimacy and the liveliness of the tattoos had lead Nirmal’s desire to have an enhancement on the interest. The engraved likeness has grown as a skill and the best practice has created the professionalism. He has stated his journey by assembling the historical and technical components of tattoos with minimum amenities.

However, it’s humbly proud to mention that he has initiated his tattoos with a tiny tattoo gun made by himself and slowly implemented the technology with the new innovations. He has dedicated himself for the test runs and had done his initial tattoos on his own body.

Moving on the family has being and excellent support for him to be inspired and they have become Nirmal’s hand in the process sequence. With the time passed Nirmal’s hands had weaponized with practice and techniques with his theory knowledge for him to become a professional in his line of business. When a person engages in what he loves for living that can make miracles as the practice and interest together can bring the perfection to the particular task.

Nirmal had been gifted with a professional tattoo kit for the first time as an award received by Sir Amy Shmaefsky from USA in appreciation of Nirmal’s efforts. It has influenced Nirmal with a big gravity and continuously he has reached his endeavors with his own dedication and practice.

The observation, tolerance, responsible focus, continuous concentration, research, studies, involvement, engagement, outcome, aftercare and best practice has lead Nirmal’s way to its perfection.

It is essential to mention that Mr Nirmal Dias is the only Sri Lankan national to succeed his status in the international tattoo art stanzas with uncountable sum of awards and achievements with a victorious glory.

So I went on asking him the following:

Alex: What else can you tell us about yourself?
 I’m very self motivated and a perfectionist. Always trying to better myself & those around me each day.

Being a tattoo artists is your main occupation?
Yes I’m a full time tattoo artist and own a studio under the name “SL Tattoo Paradise” located in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.

Is this your first tattoo convention?
Yes, this would be the first Tattoo convention organized by me and my crew.

What’s your main motivation to organize a tattoo convention?
I have traveled to quite a few countries and not every artist over here gets that opportunity to see where they stand with the world tattoo trends & artistry of other Tattooists. Our main objective is to give up and coming Tattoo Artists & ink lovers in Sri Lanka an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of an international Tattoo Festival & also to expose Sri Lankan talent to the world.

Do you visit many conventions yourself?
I try to visit or participate in to as many Tattoo conventions as possible also outside of my country, as it gives me the opportunity to explore talents & trends outside my home.

The Sri Lanka Tattoo Festival • A Mystical Tattoo Experience 19 September 2018

What’s the most interesting trend you have noticed at tattoo conventions?
Well, what i have noticed the most is the coming up of hybrid tattoo styles & modern arts. Masterpieces with maybe two or more tattoo styles infused together.

How is your convention going to be different than any other?
We are planning to make this a festival rather than a convention. Not just focusing on the tattoo aspect but also to give everyone an insight to our culture and traditions and all that makes us Sri Lankan.

What’s the hardest part of organizing a convention so far?
Definitely bringing down the international artists.

What’s the most rewarding part of organizing a convention?
I am yet to find that out. But my hopes would be to educate and enlighten the up & coming and inspired tattoo artists and make Sri Lanka a household name in international Tattoo culture/industry.

How does your ideal tattoo convention look like?
My ideal tattoo convention would be one that would have each attendee including artists walking out with more knowledge about tattoos than they had when they walked in.

Who are the special guests this year?
Sunny Bhanushali
, Mukesh Waghela, Sameer Patange, Rishabh Narang are a few of the special guests that will be at the festival this year.

How would you define your convention in one word?

Who supported you the most in organizing this event?
My tattoo crew, friends & family of course.

What’s your strategy to promote your event(s)?
We mainly stuck to the traditional methods like word of mouth. Apart from that we promoted our event through social media and plan to do so with other forms of mass electronic & printed media as well.

What do you think about the tattoo conventions industry in general?
It’s a great way to meet new people and showcase your work. Also a great way for self improvement.

What you plan to after your convention will be over?
Definitely we will get to planning the next year’s edition.

Anything else you wish you add?
We invite anyone who’s down in Sri Lanka in December to come and visit our Festival on the 08th & 09th of December to experience the best in Tattoos with a touch of Sri Lankan Flavor.

So here you have it guys! If in December you are up for a winter break into an exotic destination, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the really first tattoo events in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Tattoo Festival • A Mystical Tattoo Experience 19 September 2018