The art of tattooing is continuously evolving and Tattoo Seminars are a very valuable way, to keep learning and stay on top of the game. Most tattoo seminars are held by some of the very best tattoo artists on the planet and here below you can find a calendar of the best upcoming seminars.

Reinventing Live

Seminar Reinventing Live 201914 October 2019Guy Aitchison, Stefano Alcantara, Kaija Heitland and Markus Lenhard.A special one-day educational intensive. It’s a new format, where several artists will be doing tattoos while Guy Aitchison sits with them and picks their brains, aiming to get to the bottom of how they think and work, while also including the best audience questions and showing the tattooing action up close. Online or at Euro TattooUnited States

Advanced Approach to

Black & Grey Carl Grace Tattoo Seminar 201918 October 2019Carl GraceAt this seminar Carl will go step by step explaining his 20 years of tattoo knowledge and 36 years of artistic knowledge. Everything will be discussed from light source, contrast, techniques, and much more. For info and bookings: Tattoo Arts Convention • United States

Seminario Realistico

Seminario Realistico Angelo Nicolella19 20 October 2019Angelo NicolellaSeminario realismo a colori teorico e pratico 19-20 Ottobre a Napoli.
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Napoli • Italy

Colour Realism Tattoo Seminar by Ben Kaye

Tattoo Seminar by Ben Kaye26 October 2019Ben KyleThe goal of Ben Kaye’s seminar is to share his passion for colour realism with other realism artists who are wanting to further their knowledge and push their artistic boundaries. Ben will cover and expand on his processes from design all the way through to technique and self reflection after the tattoo is complete. For him, this ensures all artists that attend have a comprehensive knowledge and confidence in all areas of the tattooing process; not just parts.Rites of Passage Tattoo FestivalAustralia

Tattoo Seminar with Tommy Lee Wendtner

Tattoo Seminar Tommy Lee Wendtner31 October 2019Tommy Lee WendtnerCreature design and Concept Sketching.Bucharest Tattoo ConventionRomania

Tattoo Color Theory

Tattoo Color Theory31 October 2019Saga AndersonDiscussion Live Tattoo

Tatlantis • The Bahamas Tattoo ShowBahamas

Seminario Combo: Color & B/N

Seminario Angelo Nicolella Stefano del Popolo.November 2019Angelo Nicolella e Stefano Del PopoloDue grandi nomi nel mondo del tatuaggio, Angelo Nicolella e Stefano Del Popolo insieme per un unico evento. Seminario combo color and black and gray che verra' suddiviso in 2 giorni, il primo teoria, il secondo pratica. Gli argomenti trattati saranno i seguenti:
  • Attrezzatura, settaggio macchine e materiali (aghi, colori, ecc.).
  • Analisi del disegno e preparazione stencil.
  • Esecuzione di un tatuaggio di medie dimensioni con fusion tra i due stili, dove verrano spiegate le differenze tecniche ed esecutive. 
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Messina • Italy

Hyper Color Seminar

HypeColor Seminar03 November 2019Kirt SilverHypercolor seminar with Kirt Silver!!Ireland

Flohmarkt Workshop Seminare

Flohmarkt Workshop Seminare29 November 2019Inside Tattoo Cover Up as a new way of tattooingGermany