The art of tattooing is continuously evolving and Tattoo Seminars are a very valuable way, to keep learning and stay on top of the game. Most tattoo seminars are held by some of the very best tattoo artists on the planet and here below you can find a calendar of the best upcoming seminars.

Black & Grey Realism Seminar

Black & Grey Realism27 March 2020Chris TelleChris Telle will be tattoing live explaining step by step her tattoo from conception to the end!Fredericton Tattoo Expo • Canada

Hyper Color Seminar

Hypercolor seminar28 March 2020Kirt SilverA chance to pick up some of the secrets that make Kirt Silver such a great artist.Fredericton Tattoo Expo Canada

Realismo Seminario by Erik Dixon

Realismo Seminario by Erik Dixon18 April 2020Erik Dixon
  • Full day seminar, Erik Dixon is going to teach techniques, his personal set up, a live tattoo and answer questions. 
  • 15 seats available & online tickets Worldwide to livestream the seminar. Email for more information.

“Procreate for Tattooers” Seminar

Hell City Seminar by Damon Conklin26 April 2020Damon ConklinDamon Conklin’s two hours of procreate instructions, demonstrations and amazing tips. The class will start with and introduction to the basic tools, go over and overview of the process and the dive into specific instructions. Damon will go through the tools menu from the very beginning and then spend the rest of the time shading and coloring a design that he will provide so seminar attendees will have a shared experience with the tools to help imbed the lesson. This seminar comes with a complimentary copy of his own private Rose leaf eye crown and skill brunch stamp set! This is a collection of over 100 images that load into the procreate brush pallet as images that can be mixed and matched to create an almost endless amount of custom designs.

Hell City Tattoo Fest Columbus United States

“Mental Health For Artists” Seminar

“Mental Health For Artists” Seminar26 April 2020Dr. Jinxi CaddelDr. Jinxi Caddel has worked in the art and tattoo world for over two decades as a writer, editor, curator and entrepreneur. She currently splits her time between working as a Mental Health Therapist, Editor in Chief at Out of Step Books, Gallerist at Out of Step Gallery and as the educational director for and arts education non-profit organization. After earning her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Jinxi worked in several different settings as a therapist, treating clients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), with athletes in the sports psychology arena and as a substance abuse counselor. Her most recent work combines the two worlds that mean so much to her (Art & Psychology) and she has developed a mental health wellness program for artists that focuses on issues like creativity anxiety, depression, self-esteem, flow, motivation and creative block/burnout.

Hell City Tattoo Fest Columbus United States

Edward Best | Realistic Interpretation & Presentation | TBA by Poch

Poch05 • 07 June 2020Poch TattoosThis Seminar will consist of a 3 hour Tutorial & Demonstration of Techniques on how to Approach Realism through your own visualization of your custom art.
• The seminar will cover Techniques, Presentation, Color Theory, Machine Set-up, Preparation, Photography Incorporation & Skill Building for the Future.
Ink Mania Tattoo & Art Expo United States • 07 June 2020Crea Micheal• This class is for new and current body piercers. This class meets the requirements of Florida Statute 64E-19 for the initial and annual body piercing training requirements. This will be an intensive hands on class that will introduce the Florida state laws to new and current body piercers.

• We will go over proper sterile field set-up, cross contamination prevention procedures, bio-medical waste handling and storage, how to properly put on sterile gloves, proper hand washing techniques, infection control and a number of other issues affecting the body piercing industry as it pertains to Florida State law. Students will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

Ink Mania Tattoo & Art Expo United States
lita edward05 • 07 June 2020Lita Edward

Seminar: Boobs & Tattoos - Transforming scars.

Contact: 615-569-8278

Ink Mania Tattoo & Art Expo United States
Rook-seminar05 • 07 June 2020Chris SanfordA comprehensive and complete workshop offering on experience in all aspects of the tools you work with every day. An eye-opening and informative experience that until now has been a closely guarded secret.Ink Mania Tattoo & Art Expo United States