18 • 20 March 2022


International Convention Center Kaohsiung
No. 274, Zhongzheng 4th Rd,
Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City,





Taiwan Tattoo Ark Expo 2022

但 只要疫苗未出、類似的一波未平 一波又起危機!疫情 仍然是全球百業的最大潛在危機!


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我們在2021年自發性的在高雄紋身展上封國! 史無前例的只接受境內紋身師及廠商報名參加!

為了不讓全球紋身展會交流斷層、我們藉由各網絡平台將2021全球首場國際展規格的大型紋身展會現場、精彩節目及優秀的紋身作品 傳送到全球刺青客的眼前!

今年3月 刺客方舟首戰成功圓滿落幕後、各界反應相當熱絡、海內外欲報名2022參展及了解詳情的訊息及電話如雪片般傳來!


抱歉 不是泰哥忘了還是懶了..

2021刺客方舟 自展前、展期到展後~
圓滿成功 * 真心感謝大家



2022刺客方舟紋身博覽會 謹訂於2022年3月18.19.20日 隆重登場

即日起~ 正式開放舊有參展單位優先報名


Although our Taiwan epidemic prevention is quite successful and very stable.
But as long as the vaccine has not been released, similar waves have not been resolved, and another wave of crises! The epidemic is still the biggest potential crisis for all industries in the world!

Tattoo exhibitions all over the world have been closed, including the Taiwan International Tattoo Exhibition, which has been held for 10 years! The annual exchange activities of international tattoo artists are completely suspended!

We will spontaneously close our country at the Kaohsiung Tattoo Expo in 2021! It is unprecedented to accept only domestic tattoo artists and manufacturers to sign up!

In order to prevent the communication of global tattoo exhibitions from being interrupted, we use various network platforms to transmit the scene of the world’s first international exhibition size large-scale tattoo exhibition, wonderful programs, and excellent tattoo works to the eyes of tattoos around the world!

After the successful conclusion of the first battle of Assassin’s Ark in March of this year, the response from all walks of life was quite enthusiastic. Messages and calls from all over the world to sign up for the 2022 exhibition and learn more about it came like snowflakes!

But Artist has never given a positive reply and registration information! Because we have been focusing on the changes in the month after the exhibition and the changes in the global epidemic!

I don’t know if old friends have discovered that this year, we are not like the past 10 years or so Taiwan International Tattoo Expo always shares the best pictures and wonderful tidbits with everyone at the end of the exhibition and the heat is burning?

Sorry, it’s not that Tai brother forgot or is lazy.. It is in our hearts and anxious to celebrate the success of our country’s exhibition at the difficult time of the global epidemic!

It will never be more important than guarding against the epidemic, carefully observing the incubation period of risks after waiting for three days at the exhibition, and everyone gathering together for joy! Although the most sound epidemic prevention has been done, the virus changes frequently and I am afraid that a little bit of the problem will affect the country!

After more than 40 days of rigorous observation and waiting patiently! Art is honored and grateful to say to everyone participating in the 2021 Assassin’s Ark Tattoo Expo: We did it, really did it.

2021 Assassin’s Ark Before the exhibition, from the exhibition period to after the exhibition 
A complete success! Thank you all very much!

Because of everyone’s cooperation with all the epidemic prevention mechanisms of Assassin’s Ark and excellent public morals, we are able to guard against the epidemic!

For me:
The Assassin’s Ark is like a ship in the ocean
Make a contribution to the tattoo world and open a bright lane!
Thank you Taiwanese assassins! We did it this year!
Also, let the world successfully see the unity and professionalism of Taiwan.

So – Artist declares here:
The 2022 Assassin’s Tattoo Ark Expo Taiwan is scheduled to debut on March 18.19.20, 2022

From now on, Priority registration for existing exhibitors is officially

From now until 6/15, it is the priority of the old units to register the rights and open the new unit registration standby, and the registration will be open after June 15
(This exhibition is to ensure the quality of the exhibition, the quota is limited and the quota will not increase)

Ps. After multiple evaluations and considerations, the General Assembly decided that the 2022 Assassin’s Tattoo Ark Expo Taiwan does not accept registrations from overseas units, but only accepts registrations from Taiwanese islands (including new residents) tattoo artists and equipment manufacturers!

Good friends from all over the world at the Taiwan Exhibition
Looking forward to seeing you after the epidemic. Let’s continue the front line!

Curator: Tai

*The conference will retain the final decision and choice rights of the event*

Activity time: 12:00 – 21:00
Closing at 20:00 on the final day

Tickets are required to enter the venue.
For ticket purchases, please contact: 07-341-8877


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