30 June • 02 July 2023


New Taipei City Exhibition Hall
No. 1號, Wuquan Rd, Wugu District, New Taipei City, Đài Loan 248






Taipei Tattoo Show 2023

The fifth edition is called MAX – “Bigger and more professional exhibition hall”. Since 2017 We will move from “Songyan Creative Park” to the venue of “Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store”. Then move to a new, bigger, more uninhibited venue! Perfect venue for our professional tattoo exhibition! The transportation is convenient and the parking is more affordable. The location and venue name will be announced soon!

“It can accommodate more booths, and the competition will be more influential and valuable”. Due to the limitation of the venue, the number of booths in the past can only be limited to 120-130 booths. Our Festival combines “music” and “tattoo” for the first time, perfectly integrating vision and hearing. Received warm support from all walks of life, we will uphold the idea of ​​connecting the city of Taipei with tattoos. International marketing of music and other related art and culture.

“We will invite more tattoo artists to participate in the ceremony”. So this time we will officially increase the number of booths to more than 200 booths. In addition to more exciting and more difficult tattoo competitions, it is very likely that the awards. The “gold content” of the product is increased to enhance international competitiveness!

Taipei Tattoo Fest MAX – Infinite Tattoo Music Festival V

We are officially marching towards the largest tattoo art festival in “Taipei”! Let every summer, in July, let those who love tattoos, want to be in the tattoo festival. It is an annual event to find your favorite tattoo artist!

Wenyin Festival Taipei Tattoo Show

See you at the Taipei Tattoo Music Show!