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Sell Booths 2017-10-08T15:50:05+00:00

You can accept booth registrations and payments directly from your event page, thanks to a custom made form. Selling booths on WTE is a great way to eventually attract more international artists to your convention. So it’s not meant to completely replace your current booths sales system, but it’s rather an extra channel to sell booths. Please read the below info and complete the form at the bottom to start selling booths.


  • SETUP cost is 100% FREE.
  • If we do not generate any sales it will cost ZERO for you.


  • We charge a 5% commission on every finalized sale. The commission DOES NOT include Paypal or credit cards transaction fees (usually between 3 to 5%).


  • All prices and transactions are in USD ($).
  • If you are selling booths from outside US, please consider that currency variations may apply.


  • Every order and booth registration will be mailed directly to you. You are responsible to follow up with the applicants.


  • It’s your show and it’s up to you to either CONFIRM or DECLINE booth registrations. To do so, simply respond the order mail with the text


  • In case you DECLINE the sale, we will refund the buyer.


  • Confirmed order payouts are processed every last day of the month.
  • Payments are forwarded via Paypal (you need to have a Paypal business account).


  • When a buyer makes and order and payment, an order email is generated and sent to the seller (you).
  • World Tattoo Events does not generate any legal or tax invoice for the buyer.
  • Final invoicing to the buyer has to be generated by the event organizer.


  • After and order is received, the event organizer has to follow up with the buyer for all further event arrangements.


  • Being located in Delaware every transaction made on WTE has a 0% tax rate.
  • Events organizers and buyers are responsabile to file and pay the necessary tax rates in their respective countries (when applicable).


If you need any more information about selling booths on WTE please email us at


If you are ready to sell booths on WTE, simply fill in the below form. After submission we will publish your booths within 24 hours.

The Paypal address where we can forward booth payments.
Stop selling booths on this date.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 516MB
You can upload multiple files at once.


You can add several types of booths.
For example: Tattoo Artist Booth 10x10