27 • 29 October 2017




Old National Events Plaza,
Locust Street, Evansville, Indiana 47708,
United States


BEYOND THE WOODS is happening at Evansville’s Old National Events Plaza. Hosted by Dr. Carl Blasphemy, There will be over 300 artists tattooing over a three-day weekend! Join us for an exciting year of good times, awesome music and great body art in 2017! BEYOND THE WOODS is a fun and unique glimpse into the mysterious world of Tattooing!!!

Co-Created with Kevin Alvey, Owner of Gore Galore, who is a long standing leading Creator of Haunted House Props from giant costumes, giant puppets and Actormatronics. Doors open at Noon everyday and close at Midnight, and 8pm on Sunday. For attending artists there will be seminars held by some of the top artists in the industry as well as some new up and comers! In addition to the live tattooing there will also be Tattoo Contests and Costume Contests for the attending guests, Suspension Artists, Gore Galore’s Kevin Alvey seminar, Live music, Live Painting Projects, Activities for Kids and much more!!


River City Tattoo Expo 27 October 2017

Marlo Marquise is an internationally renowned Sideshow, Cabaret, Striptease and Suspension artist. New York’s Premier Sideshow/Burlesque Sensation! World traveling Showgirl and Impalement Artist, Marlo Marquise (now based in Albuquerque, NM) brings you her own modern style of old school sideshow skills with a mix of glamour, femininity, and energy. She was mentored by some of the greats in Sideshow history, and has performed for audiences globally, including France, Spain, Japan, England, Italy, and all over the USA. You may have also seen her on national and international TV shows such as Discovery Channel Oddities, TLC Cake Boss, VH1 Morning Buzz, Jimmy Kimmel Live, France Incroyable, and is often seen on tour with notorious Tattoo Conventions and famed rock band Janes Addiction.

Nicknamed “Le Chic Freak” and “The Risk in Risque” by Bizarre Magazine, this Showgirl Fakir is well-known for performing innovative acts such as “Burlesque on Hooks” and “Stairway to Machetes”. She can walk and contort her body on glass, performs her own delicate version of Human Blockhead with exotic feather plumes, pierce herself in an ode to the cultural stylings of Fakir with 8 and 10 gauge skewers, walk and lay on real machetes, hang from flesh hooks in her skin, and is a highly skilled fire eater.

River City Tattoo Expo 27 October 2017

ALAKAZAM is “The Human Knot” An International Street, Circus and Corporate entertainer. He presents a high-energy comedy show that will have you reeling with laughter and twisting in your seat. Audiences the world over have been left breathless by Al’s incredibly freaky body contortions, cheeky comedy and ridiculous, sky-high feats of danger. A mix of traditional vaudeville, circus sideshow and twisted comedy, THE HUMAN KNOT is a self-contained freak-show suitable for the whole family! Alakazam was a grand finalist on “Australia’s got talent” Season 1. He has performed in 35 countries since 1996, Including private events for Bruce Springsteen, Sting, The Police, Flea and Woody Harrelson.

River City Tattoo Expo 27 October 2017

OLDE CITY SIDESHOW – This brother and sister duo are going to change how you understand variety entertainment. As one half of Olde City Sideshow, Danny has entertained across America with his unique version of sideshow shennanigans and quick wit. Making crowds laugh, cry and swoon from coast to coast has been his specialty. From his formal training with some of the greats of the sideshow world such as Harley Newman, Todd Robbins and Chris McDaniel to name a few, Danny has left no stone unturned in his pursuit of education so that he can keep the sideshow arts alive and bring them to the masses. An incomparable emcee, especially when a few cocktails are in the mix. Having hosted and announced for several award winning and touring burlesque and variety arts acts up and down the east coast, he now aims to entertain you!

Reggie Bügmüncher, Philadelphias Queen of Sideshow, is manager of a venue & Art Gallery, The First Banana, and was voted Burlesque Bitch of the year for Burlesque Bitch Magazine. She has been performing in the Variety Arts for a decade and has been featured in stories by news outlets from Fox to NPR and has been featured in books and magazines on Tattoos and Sideshow. She has opened up for Primus, performed for Ripley’s Believe it or Not Stage at the Shindig Music Festival, and at the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Franklin Institute and countless venues from Coney Island to nightclubs across the US to State Fairs.