18 • 20 October 2019

Queen City Tattoo Convention 2019 USA


Charlotte Convention Center
501 S College St,
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202,
United States






Queen City Tattoo Arts Festival

The unparalleled Queen City Tattoo and Arts Festival is the singular most important professional development event for tattoo artists in 2019, and it is approaching fast. Featuring outstanding permanent make-up artists and traditional tattoo artists, all uniquely skilled in the latest techniques. Attendees will experience a wide array of learning experiences ranging from live demonstrations to up-close-and-personal, hands-on interaction, with the artist.
Perma Blend Pigments have revolutionized the PMU industry in just a few short years. Developed by the makers of World Famous Tattoo Ink, this conference mirrors the company’s dedication to the unification of conventional tattoo and permanent makeup art to promote meaningful conversations, coaching and sharing within and among both spheres of artists. It is our aim to advance the industry and the art by combining the cultures and forging connections.
Come to the Queen City Tattoo and Arts Festival in Charlotte, NC– October 18 to 21, 2019. Immerse your mind in rich, authentic learning; leave exhilarated and confidence. Understand how to maximize the finest, and most meticulously formulated pigments enabling artists to produce breathtakingly beautiful and long-lasting transformations worldwide. The convention returns again and will be featuring live tattooing, live permanent makeup, contests, more than 250 artists from all over the globe, and in-your-face entertainment!

The weekend-long event brings together local talent, numerous vendors, and some of the top artists in the world. Attendees have the opportunity to be tattooed onsite as well as enter their art into multiple tattoo contests to win a trophy. We’d also like to give a huge shoutout to Essential Aesthetics & Laser of Charlotte! They offer Lip Blushing, Brow Mapping, Laser treatments & much more! Their team will be there all weekend offering consultations.




Queen City Tattoo Arts Festival 2019
(18-20 October)

Queen City Tattoo Arts Festival #2 18 October 2019

Queen City Tattoo Arts Festival 2018
(26-28 October)

2018 Queen City Tattoo & Arts Festival

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