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PARTNERS 2018-04-04T06:23:14+00:00

World Tattoo Events Partners

WTE is made possible thanks to the collective effort of our special partners and contributors, which are showcasing on this site the best moments of many Tattoo Conventions.


Kamila Burzymowska


Tattoo Photographer

Kamila is a young and extremely talented Polish photographer, which has been quickly building a reputation with the tattoo industry thanks to her stunning photos. Her work is published on several printed and online tattoo magazines, including World Tattoo Events. To capture the best moments of your tattoo conventions, look no further and send her a message now.



Tattoo Portal

MediaZink is an online platform that started in 2014. “It’s all about art” – this is our main motto which pretty much describes all we do and what we are passionate about.

Our main focus is in body art like tattooing and piercing. Since the beginning of the company we have been involved with many different tattoo events in Denmark, the rest of Scandinavia and also other parts of the world like Poland, Germany, Balkan region, Russia, England, North and South America. Using the knowledge and experience of the people involved in MediaZink we are keeping our hand on the pulse and constantly keep track of what is new in the world of tattoos and piercing (new events, new techniques, awards). By following our online platform you will always be well informed about everything worth knowing about Art

Tattoo Cultr


Tattoo Portal

Tattoo Cultr is the only platform to search for, and book appointments with the finest tattoo artists of India. It is also the only magazine around tattoos and fringe culture in India. Their articles are always very well written and articulated and it’s must read for any serious tattoo professional.


Matt Gone


Guinness Record Holder

Matt Gone also know as the The Checkerboard Man, has 99% of his body covered in tattoos, including his eyeballs and throat. His bodysuit inked by many legendary tattoo artists started as a way to hide some of his birth defects, caused by the Polands Syndrome. He is now using is popularity to raise awareness about this rare condition and you can regularly find him at many tattoo conventions, where he always attracts large crowds of fans around him. Check out Matt ‘s Conventions Posters Gallery.

Alfredo Meschi


Artivist & Live Performer

Alfredo Meschi is an Italian vegan activist, which tattooed 40.000 crosses all over his body to raise awareness about the mind boggling amounts of animals killed every second for human consumption: 40.000 animals. We totally support Alfredo’s Project X cause and Alex Van Dutch even tattooed 3 crosses designed directly by Alfredo at the 10th Florence Tattoo Convention.

Jenn Lee Group


Tattoo Management & Events Bookings

The Jenn Lee Group is the secret ingredient behind some of the most successful Tattoo Conventions. For bookings of some the finest tattoo artists at your events, just get in touch with Jennifer.


12 hours ago

The Jenn Lee Group

We’re here for Sinti Ink Tattoo Convention in Netherlands! Convention taking place today and tomorrow! Great family here in Netherlands! Amazing trip and SO many laughs with everyone! Plus it’s all being documented! #PassportTattoo more to come.... ... See MoreSee Less

We’re here for Sinti Ink Tattoo Convention in Netherlands! Convention taking place today and tomorrow! Great family here in Netherlands! Amazing trip and SO many laughs with everyone! Plus it’s all being documented! #PassportTattoo  more to come....


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Great picture! Looks so much fun!!!!!

Model: Elena Martyniuk 🥊♥️💥
Makeup: Klyrka MakeUpInk

2 days ago

Tattoo Cultr

Hit blunt and DM! #420 ... See MoreSee Less

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Model: Yvonne Heartmann 💖
Makeup: Lisi Pędzel 💖


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Wow baby so sexi 😘


4 days ago

Alfredo Meschi

Appuntamento da non perdere!#DEVIANCEDAY

Abbiamo creato questo evento per cercare di portare la discussione fuori dai social, nel senso di creare delle situazioni in cui si possa parlare di persona dei problemi che riguardano tutti, senza che il filtro tecnologico possa farci perdere quelli che sono i vantaggi di una connessione umana.

Sabato 21 Aprile, nei luoghi e negli orari indicati di seguito, gli attivisti del Deviance Project saranno a disposizione per una chiacchierata sui contenuti del manifesto e su tutti gli argomenti connessi, anche per rispondere a eventuali critiche.

In ogni punto saranno inoltre disponibili gratuitamente o a offerta libera delle copie del manifesto, che è comunque possibile consultare gratuitamente a questo link

Per dei possibili spunti di riflessione vi invitiamo a visionare la presentazione del manifesto, nonché tutti i contenuti già pubblicati sia sul sito o sulla pagina Facebook

Ecco dove e quando vi aspetteremo:

BOLOGNA: Seedshop & Headshop Foglie d'Erba, Via della Grada 4f, dalle 18:00 alle 21:00

CARRARA: Caffetteria Leon d’Oro, Piazza Alberica - Carrara (MS), dalle 15:00 alle 17:00.

CATANIA: Chilometro Zero, Via grotte bianche 56 (CT), dalle 19:00 alle 21:00.

LIVORNO: Bar 4 Amici, Via dei Lanzi 11, nel centro pedonale di Livorno (LI), dalle 16:00 alle 18:00.

LUCCA: Centro Giovani di S.Margherita, Via del Marginone 118 - Capannori (LU), dalle 15:00 alle 18:00.

MILANO: Saletta APM della libreria Calusca City Lights, via Conchetta 18, c/o CSOA Cox 18, dalle 14:30 alle 17:30.

MONOPOLI: Caffè Roma 1, Piazza Largo Vescovado 1 - Monopoli (BA), dalle 15:00 alle 17:15.

PRATO: *modificato* Crepapelle, via Giampaolo Orsini 55/A - Firenze, dalle 19.30 alle 21:00
... See MoreSee Less

Appuntamento da non perdere!

4 days ago

Matt Gone

Turning 400-pound pigs into salami is a grueling process
... See MoreSee Less

Model: Elena Martyniuk 💎
Makeup: Klyrka MakeUpInk 💜że Eleny możecie również zobaczyć na:

Cats Spirit
A kind man saved this poor kitten who stand alone in a flooded street while it's raining heavily during a huge storm .... Thank you guys and God bless you all!
... See MoreSee Less

Cats Spirit
Model: Marcelina Bartnik 💎🍭💖

Revisiting this interview with Kevin Andrade as the issues discussed become even more important now than ever.

Tattoo Cultr
This week, meet one of India's most radical tattoo artists, and Goa's sickest, Kevin Andrade! #ArtistOfTheWeek

If you're in Goa, catch him tattooing at The 2nd International Goa Tattoo Festival, 13-15 January, Anjuna.
... See MoreSee Less

Tattoo Cultr

6 days ago

Kamila Burzymowska

Zapraszam do przeczytania wywiadu ze mną na TattooLand! 💛❤️💜5️⃣️ pytań ➡️ Bez tuszu ➡️ Bez kitu. Część 12.

Dziś na moje pytania odpowiadała Kamila Burzymowska. Dziewczyna która profesjonalnie i z pasją fotografuje wytatuowanych ludzi, a jej zdjęcia zdobią kalendarze i okładki pism na całym świecie 🤩
Koniecznie odwiedźcie fan page Kamili ⬆️
Pozdrawiam. Przemek 👍

1️⃣️ Do jakiej pracy się kompletnie nie nadajesz?

⚫ W zasadzie, to nie wyobrażam sobie innej pracy niż fotografia 🙂 Uwielbiam to co robię! Na pewno nie nadawałabym się do pracy, w której codziennym obowiązkiem byłoby podejmowanie bardzo trudnych decyzji, bo mam z tym duży problem. Nie widzę też siebie jako osobę, która musi karać innych za cokolwiek no i uważam, że najlepszą pracą nie byłoby ta, w której musiałabym być cały czas na zewnątrz, szczególnie w zimę, bo jestem strasznym zmarzluchem 😞

2️⃣️ Jak wspominasz czasy szkolne?

⚫Świetnie! Zawsze z przyjemnością chodziłam do szkoły, bo czy to było gimnazjum, liceum czy studia to zawsze trafiałam na świetnych ludzi 🙂 Nie miałam problemów ani z nauką ani z rówieśnikami, więc trudno na coś narzekać. Mam raczej same dobre wspomnienia! Ale mimo to cieszę się, że jest to już za mną, bo wszelkie testy i egzaminy zawsze były dla mnie strasznie stresujące.

3️⃣️ Jakie masz zdanie na temat naturalnych futer?

⚫ Uważam, że w Polsce są one nikomu do niczego nie potrzebne 🙂 Staram się zrozumieć, że są rejony na świecie w których jest bardzo zimno, o wiele zimniej niż tu, a ludzi tam nie stać na profesjonalną odzież termiczną i są zmuszeni do zabijania zwierząt dla futer żeby sami mogli przeżyć. Ale jeżeli ktoś morduje zwierzęta tylko dla kolejnego ładnego ubranka, to niestety nigdy nie zyska mojej aprobaty.

4️⃣️ W jakim filmie mogłabyś zagrać główną rolę?

⚫ Myślę, że najlepiej sprawdziłabym się w filmie biograficznym haha 😀

5️⃣️ Gdybyś mogła założyć nowe państwo, a Ty została jego królową, to jak by się ono nazywało, i jak wyglądałoby życie tam?

⚫ „Penguin Land” z pingwinami żyjącymi razem z ludźmi 🙂 Problem niestety może polegać na tym, że zapewne byłoby tam bardzo zimno 🙂
... See MoreSee Less

Zapraszam do przeczytania wywiadu ze mną na TattooLand! 💛❤️💜


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Jak zostaniesz królową,to opuszczam swoją:)

7 days ago

Tattoo Cultr

Happy World Art Day! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy World Art Day!

7 days ago

Matt Gone

Brutal Kittens
This is the best cat video you will see today.
Come visit our store:

— Products shown: Meowtallica - Master Of Kittens and HISS band shirt.
... See MoreSee Less

Brutal Kittens
Pffeffa & Jake & Ashi Monster for Slackjaw Apparel 🤘🔥😍

1 week ago

Matt Gone

Top: Bert & Julie 1930s. Bottom: Bert & Julie 1980s. Julie was always by Bert's side thru all his years of tattooing. At times, she tattooed alongside him. #bertgrimm #tattoohistory #historyoftattooing #buzzworthytattoohistory ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Kamila Burzymowska

Model: Elena Martyniuk 🥊♥️💥
Makeup: Klyrka MakeUp'Ink <3

Tatuaże Eleny możecie również zobaczyć na:
... See MoreSee Less

Model: Elena Martyniuk 🥊♥️💥
Makeup: Klyrka MakeUpInk


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Petarda 😍

Ładne obcasy

to jest fajna Szpilka 😁😁😁

Jesteś gorącą Kobietą, super ;*

1 week ago

Kamila Burzymowska

Zapraszam na sesje prywatne! <3 Warunek konieczny: tatuaże! 😀

Model: Iza Czarnecka 😻😻😻
... See MoreSee Less

Zapraszam na sesje prywatne!


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Pati HJ dawaj

Iza Czarnecka mega😉👌

2 weeks ago

Kamila Burzymowska

Efekty sesji z Eleną w makijażu od Klyrka MakeUp'Ink w XOXO Party już niedługo! 🥊💪❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Efekty sesji z Eleną w makijażu od Klyrka MakeUpInk w XOXO Party już niedługo! 🥊💪❤️


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Chyba po sesji bedzie Szampan 😉😉😉

Model: Yvonne Heartmann 💖
Makeup: Lisi Pędzel 💖

2 weeks ago


27 Art pieces from this years 50 Shades Of Ink in Helsingborg.
If you know the artist who made the piece you most welcome to write his/her name and we will add it to the post.
Many thanks!

#WOBA #WereNotColorblind #ItsAllAboutArt #ArtGallery
... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Matt Gone

Invitado ... See MoreSee Less


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Excelente ahí nos vemos, excellent we see you in july

Gilberto Guzman vamos

No creo yo !!!

To już moja dziesiąta okładka dla Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine!


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Skąd bierzesz tak piekne niewiasty hmmmmmm

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