13 • 15 October 2017



Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Zhejiang, Ningbo, Jiangdong,
Min’an E Rd, 会展路181号

Leaded by the body mod master Emilio Gonzalez, our team performs a unique body suspension show that explores the limits and fears of the most conservative minds and brings excitement and joy to the lovers of extreme and mystery.

Our show is a window to an ancient ritual practice reinvented onto a modern show concept that implies eroticism, bravery and technique, under the direction of the so-called “Doctor Freak” who has been a pioneer in the body mod industry and a recognised entrepreneur in the tattoo supply industry. America is the Yin to Emilio’s Yang… she’s Venezuelan like him and also the only female in the group, and as Emilio’s sweet devilish partner she represents the woman’s strength by sending an empowering message to all the girls of the world.
Cesar Cordero, Venezuelan as well is a collaborative member of the team, Emilio’s pupil and body mod performer.

  • T2 Tattoo Machine

Rolf Buccholz is a very known body suspension performer who has been exploring this art on its deepest and he’s a crucial person for the team who comes to bring an undeniable charm to our show because of his remarkable presence as the owner of the Guinness Record as the most pierced person alive and also because of his impeccable presentation every time at every show. We represent ourselves as the result of a Freak Factory preach… as Emilio invites you to “change your mind and I’ll change your body” we invite the audience in every country we visit to open their eyes and their senses to let us fading away from their apprehensions and taboos.

Ningbo Tattoo Convention 13 October 2017

Ningbo Tattoo Convention 13 October 2017

Ningbo Tattoo Convention 13 October 2017