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Last of The Bowery Merchants

THE AUDIOBOOKS Last of The Bowery Scab Merchants is a 2 CD audiobook set of interviews with Walter Moskowitz. Walter was one of the last Bowery Scab merchants along with his brother Bowery Stan.... Walter learned from his Father Willy who also taught Walters brother Bowery Stan and their brother-in -law Stanley Farber ( Flatbush Stan ), Scab [...]

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Tattooed for Medical Reasons

I WAS TATTOOED TO HIDE RARE BIRTH DEFECTS I was Tattooed as a way to deal with a lifetime of Physical Health Issues. When people ask about the "Pain" of Tattooing, I laugh. Tattoos just hurt the upper skin layers. Tattoo pain is nothing compared to pain you cannot control. Tattoo pain goes away. It stops. It heals [...]

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The Oregon Trail With Mary Jane

MY FIRST TATTOO WAS IN FIRST GRADE When I was on the receiving end of a pencil fight.  That dark mark is still visible today on the palm of my left hand.  It would be another twenty years before I received another.  But my experience has been that once you receive your first tattoo (whether planned or not) [...]

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Discounts to Disabled & Military

MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE TATTOOED It is good Business. Many Disabled bring 2-6 people to the shows with them who pay full price. Military personnel rarely travel alone. The presence of Disabled and Military people increases the credibility of the event. Everyone wins. I was born with Rare Birth Defects. I'm Disabled & live on a very [...]

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Royboy Book Review

BEFORE TATTOO MAGAZINES, THERE WERE BIKER MAGAZINES These Biker Magazines had features on tattoos. Many Bikers were Tattoo Artists, and would get interviewed.  By early 1986,The Biker Magazines ran features on tattoos from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and other events each  issue. Biker Lifestyle Magazine ran a feature issue on Tattoos called Tattoo Revue Magazine. This became one of the first [...]

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Essay about History of Tattoo

TATTOOS ARE EVOLVING In our modern-day the art of tattooing has become a very popular way among many people to express especially how they think about certain things and also their general ideas about life and everything which is encountered. A significant amount of people makes use of tattoos to define & identify themselves. What some people may [...]

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Tattooing Through the Ages

TATTOOING HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE BEFORE THE ICE AGE ....and even before written language. The word “tattoo” literally means “to tap”, and for over 5,000 years, tattooing was accomplished by ‘tapping' pigment into the skin. Samuel O’Reilly would later invent and patent the first electric tattoo machine in 1891, a slightly revised version of an electric tattoo pen [...]

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The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos

SOMETHING IS SHIFTING IN OUR CULTURE And a new tattoo enthusiast has been born. One who recognizes their ink as living body art that resonates with their body’s frequency. Undeniably there is something deep, profound, and boundless about tattoos and being tattooed. Getting a tattoo not only opens portals on your skin but also exposes the mysterious realms [...]

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An Italian Tattoo Circus

SINCE 2017 Since the first Tattoo Circus which was held in Rome in 2017, in solidarity to detainees and their families, thousands of people have participated in several Tattoo Circus worldwide. A Tattoo Circus is a DIY-organised festival, focusing on various social injustice and the idea behind this kind of solidarity event is to promote self expression and [...]

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ErgoSquish True Tubes

TATTOO INNOVATION The World's First Adjustable, Ergonomic, Angled Cutback, Steel Tip Disposable Tattoo Tube! ErgoSquish True Tubes are a perfect hybrid of the old-style steel tubes and the modern convenience of disposables, with ErgoSquish offering special ergonomic features which are very helpful for artists who work long hours. True Tubes™are  the "Original" steel tip disposable tattoo tube of it’s [...]

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Il Tatuaggio del Sapere

MENTE O APOLLO Ho assistito in questi anni al divenire sempre più inarrestabile del fenomeno Tattoo con un continuo retrogusto, personale, piuttosto amaro. Amaro, perché ho continuato a non capire il perché del tatuarsi in un certo modo. Soprattutto perché quel tatuarsi, a volte, al di là della maestria indiscussa di chi tatua, altro non ha rivestito che un effimero [...]

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Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film

PROTECT YOUR TATTOO Tattooing is nowadays a very challenging art and its expectations grow day by day. Performance goes hand in hand with technological progress also in the tattoo industry and aftercare is becoming a central player in the end result. Amongst the current most innovative tattoo aftercare products we find also the Protective Tattoo Film Dermalize, devised [...]

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