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Dermal Source

5 Sep 2019 |News Channel: |

THE SOURCE FOR TATTOO PROFESSIONALS Dermal Source Inc. was formed in 2004 in order to expand the anesthetic selections available for the tattoo, piercing, cosmetic and aesthetic fields. Prior to its incorporation in my home state of Oregon, I was Vice President of another organization, where I was responsible for developing legal, safe and effective anesthetic products that [...]

FK Irons Tattoo Machines

29 Aug 2019 |News Channel: |

FK IRONS – A TATTOO INDUSTRY PIONEER & INNOVATOR Trailblazing across the tattoo world, FK Irons sets the standard for quality products and ideas. FK Irons is an internationally-known brand of tattoo machines and accessories based out of Miami, Florida. The owner, Gaston Siciliano, is an Argentine-born entrepreneur who started the company in 2008. Gaston began toying [...]

Vu Ngoc Tan (Ga Rung)

13 Aug 2019 |News Channel: , |

VU NGOC TAN • TATTOO ARTIST Vu Ngoc Tan (class 1991), is despite his young age one the most prominent and recognized figures of the Vietnamese tattoo scene. Once he discovered tattooing as a young teen he concentrated all his energy and efforts in becoming the best tattoo artists in Vietnam and he gradually worked his way [...]

Reese Hilburn

25 Jul 2019 |News Channel: , |

REESE HILBURN • TATTOO ARTIST Reese Hilburn is an award winning tattoo artist and a truly beautiful human being. She is the perfect personification of the dream Californian girl. You may have seen her on SpikeTv hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami as well as VH1’s Chicago Black Ink. She would consider herself a wanderlust; traveling around the [...]

Quang Pham

25 Jul 2019 |News Channel: , |

QUANG PHAM • TATTOO ARTIST Quang Pham is a multiple award winning Vietnamese tattoo artists based in Hanoi. Author of incredibly fine and ultra-detailed realistic tattoos. Quang masters both color and black & grey tattoos. He is one of the really first World Tattoo Events ProTeam members. You can often find Quang at some of the very [...]

World Famous Tattoo Ink

10 Jul 2019 |News Channel: |

World Famous Tattoo Ink it's arguably one of the most recognized and leading brands in the tattoo industry. What does it take to be World Famous? Blood; It’s that simple. It’s in the DNA. It’s the relentless dedication, the drive to be the absolute best. We’re not here because we wanted to create another tattoo ink. We’re not [...]

My friend Lyle Tuttle

1 Jul 2019 |News Channel: |

By Mary Jane Haake (tattoo artists and owner of Dermal Source). Lyle tuttle I met him 40 years ago in the late 1970’s when he came to Bert Grimm’s shop in Portland, Oregon. I was just starting out tattooing, and was going to art school and thought I was “hot stuff”, like we all do in our 20’s. [...]

Professional Tattoo Insurance

1 Jul 2019 |News Channel: |

Since 1993, Professional Program Insurance Brokerage provides Tattoo Insurance and Body Piercing Insurance for Professionals in the Body Art Industry. PPIB has been insuring the tattoo industry for 25 years, which is why so many of the most well known tattoo artists and tattoo shops in America have trusted Professional Program Insurance Brokerage for their Tattoo Insurance. [...]

Antonio Proietti

14 Jun 2019 |News Channel: , |

ANTONIO PROIETTI • TATTOO ARTIST Antonio Proietti is a tattoo artist, painter and sculptor, focused on realistic & Renaissance art. Based in Rome at Camden Town Tattoo Studio and producer of high profile tattoo seminars. Antonio has also the role of Art Director at World Tattoo Events. The passion for drawing, tattooing and art in general, occurred in the early years of [...]

Langfang Tattoo Convention 2019

18 May 2019 |News Channel: |

THE BIGGEST TATTOO SHOW IN CHINA The Langfang Tattoo Festival in China (about 50km from Beijing) is arguably one of the largest shows on the planet and the oldest one in China. Started in 2005 as a relatively small show, it consistently blossomed into the massive tattoo convention which is today. This year the convention showcased a lineup [...]

Tery Do

13 May 2019 |News Channel: , |

TERY DO • TATTOO ARTIST Tery Do, is a French tattoo artists based in Vietnam.  In the past few years, I met him at several tattoo conventions, where over time I had the chance to admire and learn more about his unique tattoo style. He belongs to the really first generation of professional tattoo artist in Vietnam and [...]

Hayabusa Books

21 Apr 2019 |News Channel: |

Japanese Tattooing also referred as Irezumi is arguably one of the richest and oldest forms of tattooing. Despite a difficult and complex situation due to political regulations, Japanese Tattooing still influences the whole tattoo community around the world. Given the very high status of the Japanese tattoo culture, here at World Tattoo Events we were extremely thrilled, when [...]