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Dermalize • Protective Tattoo Film

Tattooing is nowadays a very challenging art and its expectations grow day by day. Performance goes hand in hand with technological progress also in the tattoo industry and aftercare is becoming a central player in the end result. Amongst the current most innovative tattoo aftercare products we find also the Protective Tattoo Film Dermalize, devised and produced by Alex De [...]

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Paul Talbot

This interview with Paul Talbot has been made by Tattoo Artist & WTE Art Director Antonio Proietti. For the readers which are not familiar with you, can you give us a brief of introduction of yourself? I'm an award-winning, midlands based tattoo artist and graphic designer, producing urban contemporary tattoo art both public and private, in print, on [...]

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Hell City Hotties • Tattoo Model Contest 2019

Who will make it to the Hell City Tattoo Fest Mainstage in 2019? The Hell City Hotties online tattoo model contest is a fun, free to enter, online modeling competition that has showcased and has had over 200 beautiful tattooed models enter the Hotties contest over the years. This collection of beautiful tattooed models have come together to [...]

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Tattoo Artist Inky Joe

MEET TATTOO ARTIST INKY JOE I met Inky Joe for the first time at the Nepal Tattoo Convention 2017. He proved straight away to be an extremely nice and friendly guy. But that was just the begin. During the convention I had a chance to observe him working on a impressive backpiece which he completed over the course [...]

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Tattoo Artist Onny Somboon

MEET TATTOO ARTIST ONNY SOMBOON Onny it's one of the really first members of the World Tattoo Events ProTeam. WTE Team is formed by very established tattoo artists but we also like to give space to new up and rising tattoo artists as Onny. As you can see from the following interview she is a humble but [...]

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Tattoo Artist Boun Cang

This summer I was at the Vietnam Tattoo Expo in Hanoi, where I had the pleasure to meet one of the international tattoo artists attending the convention: Boun Cang. A very charming and friendly guy and above all a great tattoo artist specialized in realism work. We had the time to hang out and we even did [...]

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A Mystical Tattoo Convention

INTERVIEW TO NIRMAL DIAS, ORGANIZER OF THE MYSTICAL SRI LANKA TATTOO FESTIVAL A couple of weeks ago, we received an event submission that sparked my interest: the Mystical Sri Lanka Tattoo Festival. Since I didn't see many tattoo events going on in Sri Lanka, I thought this was a nice occasion to learn something new of the tattoo [...]

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Tattoo Artist Jose Arce

MEET TATTOO ARTIST JOSE ARCE I was at a tattoo convention in Mexico where I had the occasion to learn more about the interesting life of Jose' Arce, a tattoo artists based in Tijuana, Baja California. Matt: When/how did you start tattooing? I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. My first experience with tattoos was in between 96' and [...]

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Tattoos: More Accepted than Ever Before

Tattoos are not anything new; tattoos have become socially acceptable in this day and age. They can be dated back to ancient Egypt and China in 1200 BC. For instance, the mummified remains of Otzi the Iceman were found to have 57 carbon tattoos. Researchers believe they were used to ease joint pain. But the most historical people [...]

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Disposable Needles & Tubes

BENEFITS OF USING DISPOSABLE TATTOO NEEDLES AND TUBES As a tattoo artist, you rely on your tattoo supplies to help give your customers a stunning tattoo they will be proud of and want to show off. As such, professional tattoo supplies are a must, and while there are a lot of choices when it comes to tattoo needles [...]

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Eyeballs Multicolor Tattoos

MULTICOLOR EYEBALLS Here are close up photos of my eyes taken by an Eye Specialist Doctor. My Right Eye My Right Eye Closeup I originally tattooed my eyes in 2010. The right side green. The left side blue. In 2013, Yes, I tattooed my own eyes. In my bathroom. By mirror! This was 2010. [...]

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Better Tattoo Coverups

PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR MINDS People with tattoos change their minds about their ink more often times than not. Most people regret the tattoo they got when they were younger, others no longer identify with the tattoo they once loved, and a large handful of people simply want to make room for new artwork. Whatever their motivation, these [...]

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