06 • 07 April 2024

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Mouscron Tattoo Convention 2024


Rue de Menin 475, 7700 Mouscron,




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Mouscron Tattoo Convention 2024

Welcome to the Mouscron tattoo parlor, your unmissable meeting place for the art of tattooing. On April 6 and 7, we are transforming the Centr’Expo, an impressive 5000m2, into a real body art gallery. Located in the heart of the charming town of Mouscron, our event welcomes more than 200 talented tattoo artists ready to enhance your skin.

The Convention Tattoo Event Mouscron is much more than just a tattoo parlor. It is a complete experience that immerses visitors in a multidimensional artistic world. With a diversity of creators and merchants, you will have the opportunity to discover and purchase unique items, works of art and of course, exceptional tattoos.

Mouscron Tattoo Convention 6 April 2024

But the experience doesn’t stop there. To satisfy your taste buds, we have provided a tempting choice of food trucks offering a variety of delicious meals and snacks. And of course, no event is complete without quality entertainment. Prepare to be amazed by live concerts, captivating burlesque shows and even hypnosis sessions that promise to add a touch of excitement and mystery to the experience.

Join us at the Mouscron tattoo parlor, and soak up the creative energy and enthusiasm of the tattoo community. Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, a curious novice or looking for a fun and unique day, the Convention Tattoo Event Mouscron is the event not to be missed. We are waiting for you to celebrate together the art of tattooing in all its forms.

Mouscron Tattoo Convention 6 April 2024


Standard entry: 10€
2-day pass: €18

Mouscron Tattoo Convention 6 April 2024



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