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25 June • 26 June 2018

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Roam Innovative Workplace: Buckhead, Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA





Introducing LaunchPAD digital design training, powered by Tattoo Smart. LaunchPad takes place in Atlanta, GA from Monday, June 25 through Tuesday, June 26, and aspires to bring together as many as one hundred of the world’s leading and learning tattooers to explore and examine the methodology and approach to digital tattoo design.

Day one of LaunchPAD begins with Myke Chambers’s introduction of CLIP Studio Paint, followed by Jeff Ensminger, the founder and owner of Southern Cross Press, explaining the best strategies for tattooers to use when preparing digital designs for analog printing, including color management theory as well as digital design calibration and resolution. Cory Ferguson wraps up the presentations for day one of LaunchPAD by sharing his most coveted design techniques for the large format geometric tattoos he is recognized for specializing in. Cory will also present his favorite “outsider” design applications that enable him to push the limits of what can be achieved with an iPad Pro.

Day two of LaunchPAD is a full day of advanced digital design training, starting with TOFI demonstrating his workflow and tools, from concept to completion. The two-day event culminates with Russ Abbott focusing on CLIP Studio Paint, deep diving into how the program can make workflow more efficient, more custom, and more precise.


Myke Chambers
CLIP/ALPHA (Systems Check)
Deep exploration into accelerated design principles

CLIP/ALPHA introduces the weapon of choice of many of today’s leading digital tattoo designers. Traditional tattoo powerhouse Myke Chambers will guide you through part one of the workshop series in CLIP Studio. Follow along as Myke demonstrates the most useful tools, techniques, and brushes for efficiently creating precise tattoo designs. This workshop empowers you with the techniques and knowledge needed to put this career changing software to use immediately.

Jeff Ensminger
Southern Cross Press
Gamut calibration and analog art reproduction
Jeff Ensminger is the founder and owner of Southern Cross Press, based out of Austin Texas. Join Jeff as he explains color management theory, digital calibration and resolution, and how tattooers can prepare digital designs for the best results in analog printing. Informed by his 16-year career creating groundbreaking large-scale tattoo designs, Jeff consistently and accurately translates digital art to physical form across a variety of media.

Cory Ferguson
Applications for accelerated geometric construction and composition

There is no perfect design application for every artist. There are many lesser-known iPad Pro design apps that have powerful features. Always innovating, Cory Ferguson has made a career out of exploiting the opportunities outside of the mainstream and in this invaluable discussion, he explains his favorite outsider apps and shows us his most coveted techniques for a customized geometric design.

Tomasz “TOFI” Torfinski
Accessing the 3rd Dimension
A revolutionary process beyond the flat screen

Tomasz “TOFI” Torfinski creates realistic and surrealistic tattoo designs using the most advanced 3D software available. TOFI demonstrates his workflow and tools, from concept drawing to complete 3D modeling, design lighting/texture application, and post-production. For more than ten years, TOFI has made tattoos with his original 3D designs, redefining the limits of what is possible in both 3D art and tattooing.

Russ Abbott
Advanced mission planning including precision maneuvers for custom trajectories

Led by Russ Abbott, part two of the workshop series focuses on the celebrated design app CLIP Studio. In this in-depth two and a half hour workshop, Russ will walk you through a complex tattoo design that pushes the limits of this dynamic software. Russ will reveal hidden features that make repetitive and time consuming tasks happen at light speed. Gain insight from Russ’s workflows that allow for effortless color and composition revisions. CLIP Studio is the most robust design suite available for both iPad and computer-based users, and this workshop series will leave you with a complete understanding of its capabilities and the tools necessary to realize that potential.



Based on the feedback for his 3rd Millenia Tattoo Design series, Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist created this streamlined tutorial that focuses exclusively on 3D modeling in Photoshop. Jerry explains click-by-click how to prepare your tattoo designs and apply them to the 3D models, so you can understand how they will fit exactly on the body, ultimately saving you time in the tattoo appointment. Using Photoshop CS6 and the 3D models available on Tattoo Smart, this one-hour tutorial is your guide to quickly learn 3D techniques like how to apply designs to a texture, use the model wireframe for efficient editing, or select and move design elements in a 3D environment.

In the final part of the tutorial, Jerry demonstrates how you can create a video using the 3D Photoshop model to show prospective clients and promote your work. Learn how to add background and logo elements, how to highlight and create dimension in your video, and how to use the video to perfect the final tattoo design.

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These digitally rendered Japanese sleeve concepts by Deneka will be just as stunning in skin as they are as stand-alone artwork. Absolutely beautiful work! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

These digitally rendered Japanese sleeve concepts by Deneka will be just as stunning in skin as they are as stand-alone artwork. Absolutely beautiful work!Image attachmentImage attachment

Check out this time lapse of Piru Tattoos design using the Great Head by Killian Moon stamp brush set! Killian’s brushes make the process of laying out and rendering designs with ideal anatomical proportions much more efficient! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

#Repost @thekillingmoon
Im doing a livestream in an hour, TONIGHT MARCH 3RD at 10:30pm EST at the @tattoosmart page. Ill be talking about my new set as well as going through my process of design. Tune in. #ipadprocreate #tattoosmart #procreate #KillianMoongivesgoodhead
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#Repost @thekillingmoon
Im doing a livestream in an hour, TONIGHT MARCH 3RD at 10:30pm EST at the @tattoosmart page. Ill be talking about my new set as well as going through my process of design.  Tune in. #ipadprocreate #tattoosmart #procreate #KillianMoongivesgoodhead

💥 NEW Brush Set Alert 💥⁣⁣⁣
Introducing the Great Head by @thekillingmoon brush set, available now on Tattoo Smart!⁣⁣⁣
Killian created these skulls, female and male heads, and full-body proportion guides as an essential part of your digital toolkit. Understanding proportion is a fundamental skill for any figure drawing, but particularly for faces. Based on the ideal proportions developed by Andrew Loomis, one of the great drawing instructors of the 20th century, Killian developed this set of digital construction tools, allowing enough flexibility to add your own style to the design.⁣⁣⁣
Killian also included stencil-ready skulls from different perspectives and with variations on jaw position. Use them as the basis for a skull tattoo design or with one of the head grids to understand the underlying structure in your face designs.⁣⁣⁣
Get Great Head by Killian Moon and more at!
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