13 • 15 September 2024

 Himalayan Tattoo Summit 13 September 2024


Rambagh Mahal
Bhanimandal, Rambagh Mahal, Lalitpur,


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Himalayan Tattoo Summit 2024

In the vibrant tapestry of Nepal’s convention scene, events like the Nepal Tattoo Convention and the Nepalinked Tattoo Festival have already left an indelible mark, showcasing stunning artistry and providing invaluable platforms for artists to shine. These conventions have not only celebrated the rich diversity of tattoo culture but have also paved the way forward for emerging talents. The recent debut of the Tattoo Charity Expo, driven by noble cause, further exemplifies the enthusiasm and commitment of artists to both learn and create art that makes a difference. Now, buoyed by this momentum, we proudly introduce the Himalayan Tattoo Summit, a journey for artists.

The decision to organize this convention in Nepal is driven by the remarkable growth of tattoo culture, both on a global scale and within our local community. Over recent years, there has been an evident surge in the number of talented and skilled artists emerging within our tattoo scene. Artists are deeply passionate about their craft and eager to share their unique styles and techniques with the world.

Recognizing the need for a dedicated platform where these artists can come together, collaborate, and showcase their work. This convention aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for artists from all walks of life to converge and celebrate their shared love for tattooing. By doing so, we aspire to not only raise awareness and appreciation for tattoo culture in Nepal but also to inspire and empower the next generation of artists to pursue their passion with confidence and pride. Through collaboration, celebration, and community building, we hope to foster a vibrant and thriving tattoo culture that reflects the rich diversity and creativity of our nation.


Himalayan Tattoo Summit 13 September 2024

Himalayan Tattoo Summit 13 September 2024

Himalayan Tattoo Summit 13 September 2024


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