Tallberginkatu 1 C 15,
00180 Helsinki,



Friday18:00 – 01:00
Saturday12:00 – 01:00
Sunday12:00 – 19:00




Tervehdys Helsingin tatuointimessujen kävijät,

Kiitos edellisistä hienoista vuosista että olette olleet tapahtumassa ja kiinnostuksesta tapahtumaan. Jos ette ole vielä kuulleet kaikki yli 500 hengen tapahtumat aluehallintoviraston määräyksellä peruutetaan, nyt on tosiaan niin että Tatuointimessut kuuluu tähän kategoriaan . Lätkämatsit, konsertit ja todella useat tapahtumat . Ollaan hyvin pahoillaan tästä meistä riippumattomasta syystä Helsingin messut siirretään uuteen ajankohtaan.

Ilmoitamme messujen uudet päivämäärät heti kun ne on päätetty Messujen virallisilla sivuilla ja tässä IG tilillä, Facebookissa. Tatuoijien kanssa varatut ajat peruuntuu itsestään . Palataan kunnes Korona virus rajoitukset on ohi.

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Helsinki Ink Crew
Greetings, visitors of the Helsinki tattoo Convention!

Thank you for your attendance and interest in the previous fantastic years.
In case you haven’t heard yet, all events of over 500 attendees have been cancelled in Finland, and sadly Helsinki Ink is one of them, as well as sports events, concerts and so forth. We are very sorry to inform you that we will have to postpone the Helsinki convention to a later date because of this.

We will inform you of the new dates as soon as they have been decided at the official website, on Facebook, as well as Instagram. All possible reservations to tattooists are automatically cancelled. We hope to see you all again after the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

Best regards,
Helsinki Ink Crew


26th Helsinki Ink

Welcome to Helsinki Ink!

Come one, come all, we bid you welcome to the Helsinki Ink International Tattoo Convention. We are the longest running tattoo event in Finland, where a carefully curated menagerie of the best international tattoo artists as well as the cream of the finnish scene congregate!

Meet old friends and make new ones, have a bite and/or a drink in the restaurant, marvel at entertainment ranging from burlesque through freak shows to music acts, and of course see amazing tattoos in varying styles, and perhaps get a truly unique and wonderful piece yourself!

Every year we run a gamut of competitions for tattoos of different genres — old school, Japanese, color, black and white, you get the picture — in which you can yourself participate to show off your artwork! At the end of each day there is a comp for the best tattoo done in the festival during that day, so if you decide to beautify yourself, be sure to take part!

See full list of Attending Tattoo Artists here


FRIDAY 27.3.2020

18.00 The convention opens
20.00 Art Fusion, artists collaborate on stage, working on same canvases rotating from one work to another.
21.00 Gift Certificate ticket raffle
Gift certificates to leading Finnish tattoo studios for ticket buyers.
21.45 Molly Moonstone
22.30 Benita Auterinen
23.00 Blueintheface unplugged
24.00 Best of Friday

SATURDAY 28.3.2020
12.00 Doors open
14.00 Knife throwing
Hosted by the Finnish Knife Throwing Association. Come and try throwing some knives or why not axes!
15.30 Art Fusion
16.30 Bollywoodkamlees
17.45 Best Japanese tattoo
18.30 Best realistic tattoo
19.30 Gift Certificate lottery
20.30 Maksimi Voima
21.15 Molly Moonstone
22.00 Best neotraditional tattoo
23.30 Best of Saturday

SUNDAY 29.3.2020
12.00 Doors open. DJ!
13.30 Tapvo Dancers
14.00 Knife throwing
14.30 Rope Skipping Helsinki
15.15  Nia Chailin
16.00 Best small tattoo
18.00 Best of Sunday


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