1. I understand that I must be a professional tattoo artist, in order to register for a booth.
  2. I understand that my booth order is NOT CONFIRMED until the organizer approval (within 48 hours).
  3. I understand that my booth order approval, is totally subjective to the event organizer.
  4. I understand that I have to wait for my order confirmation before making any travel arrangements.
  5. I understand that World Tattoo Events holds no responsibility in your booth registration confirmation.
  6. I understand that if my order will be declined, I will get back my payment in full within 7 working days.
  7. I understand that once my order will be confirmed I’m entering into a contract with the event organizer.
  8. I understand that tattoo conventions are managed directly by the event organizers, according to their own terms & conditions.
  9. I understand that I must have in place insurance arrangements to cover any eventual loss and/or damage to possessions/equipment I bring to the event.
  10. I understand that I have to follow up any further event arrangements, directly with the event organizer.
  11. I understand that my VAT invoice is handled by the event organizer.
  12. I understand that in case of “force majeure” the event may be cancelled or postponed, and that any eventual booth refund is handled directly by the event organizer.
  13. I agree to release World Tattoo Events and its Employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedure of tattooing, damages, accidents or thefts in your work area.
Thank You!
The WTE Managment