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Last update: February 2024


A tattoo convention is a meeting and exhibition for tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts, as well as for anyone who wishes to see and experience the art of tattooing. Usually tattoo conventions also offer a rich entertainment program, in the form of live shows, freak shows, live music, seminars, tattoo contests and pretty much anything else related to the tattoo culture.

Unless you don’t have a special relation of agreement with the Tattoo Artist, there is no such thing as free tattoos at conventions. Instead expect to pay at least $100 an hour, when getting tattooed at tattoo conventions.

Usually tattoo events are organized by tattoo industry’s professional individuals and/or companies . They usually are famous tattoo artists, big tattoo suppliers or even tattoo media professionals.

This is a question which gets asked a lot, implying to offer skin in exchange for a free tattoo during tattoo conventions. This is something that totally depends on the tattoo artist and it may sometimes be possible if for example the artist is looking for a tattoo model, in order to participate at a tattoo contest.

For any questions or inquiry about tattoo conventions, we advise to directly contact the events organizers. Contact information are usually published on their WTE events pages, official websites and social media channels.

Generally YES. Entrance tickets, usually costs anywhere between $10 to $30+ a day. Most tattoo conventions offer a large variety of entertainment, side shows and the opportunity to get tattooed by some of the very best tattoo artists on the planet. In our experience it’s always worth the price.

Tickets are always available at the door and many conventions offer also advance tickets online (often for a discounted price). If you plan to visit a particularly busy convention, we strongly suggest reserving your entrance tickets online to avoid long entrance queues.

One of the biggest advantage of tattoo conventions is that is possible to get tattooed by some of the world best tattoo artists. We strongly advise to contact (and book) your favorite artist as soon as you possibly can, via Instagram (99.9% of tattoo artists are on Instagram). Please keep in mind that the most famous artists may have a very limited availability during conventions.

Making pictures at tattoo conventions is generally well accepted, unless otherwise stated by the organization. However use your common sense and don’t be too invasive when taking pictures.  Also try not to interrupt tattoo artists while they are working  (that would just be plain rude). In any case always ask before taking pictures and you will be fine.

Most tattoo conventions allow kids entrance (usually for free). However in same cases (for example when conventions are offering show suitable only to an adult audience), children will not be admitted.

We love animals but no reputable tattoo convention would allow the entrance of your beloved pets. In most countries there are also strict and fairly obvious hygienic rules, to keep people safe while being tattooed. So please leave your pet at home while visiting a tattoo convention.

If you have to travel when you visit a tattoo convention, we advise you to get a hotel nearby. If you plan to get tattooed, it will be much better if you have a place where you can rest (before and/or after) and where you can take care of your new tattoo. Normally tattoo conventions have discounted rates agreements with the local hotels (usually listed on the convention’s websites). Otherwise, we suggest hotels that are offered by on each of the upcoming event pages. And remember: the earlier you book, the lower the price will usually be.

Like any other type of event, Tattoo Conventions may be subject to change or even cancellations. This is fairly rare in normal circumstances and the risk of losing money on tickets and booths for conventions is pretty low. However we strongly suggest always verifying all the available information about the convention you plan to attend and to just get in touch with the organizers in case of any doubts. In most cases if a convention is going to be completely cancelled, any professional organizer will arrange the proper refunds.


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We are currently open for organizers to sell booths on our platform ON THIS PAGE. In exchange, we ask for a small commission of only $25 per booth on the finalized booth sales. Here is an example.

At the moment this option is not yet available. However, you are more than welcome to share you tickets links & info on your WTE event page. Please submit your tickets info here.

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We tried this in the past and it’s just impossible to handle. Thanks for your understanding.

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WTE has been online since April 2010. Since then WTE has constantly been growing, becoming one of the most popular tattoo websites online.

WTE is currently NOT actively involved in the organization of any tattoo event (unless otherwise stated).

WTE is listing 2200+ tattoo events worldwide. As the popularity of tattoos keeps growing, so does the number of tattoo events. So check back often as we list new tattoo events on a daily basis.

We do our very best to keep information about tattoo events as accurate as possible. However sudden changes are inevitable. So if you are interested in participating at these events, we strongly advise to ALWAYS VERIFY anything you need to know, with the events organizers, before taking any action.

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