10 • 12 March 2023


Galería de Arte Nacional
G32X+H34, Avenida México,
entre las estaciones Bellas Artes y Parque Carabobo del Metro de Caracas,
frente a Puente Brión, Caracas, Distrito Capital,





Expo TattooArte Venezuela 2023

After a long pause, Venezuela becomes the epicenter of the artistic scene once again. The year 2023 is the one to reunite and renew our conviction that tattooing is an art. Tattoo Art Venezuela is the largest tattoo event in the country, where the best national and international artists and the most renown brands converge, and where you will find a comprehensive artistic program that includes music, dance, gastronomy, and more.

This gathering of national and international artists will create a space to measure skills, exchange experiences, and acquire knowledge to bolster this discipline. The body as a canvas marks a territory worthy of intervention by artists with the mystique of Michelangelo and Matisse, the force of Tito Salas and the vanguard of Picasso. Our mission is to elevate the discipline as an art and give it the right value within the construction of the contemporary world.
The Expo is the great hall that provides the space to lift up artists’ voices for self-expression, to explore their uniqueness, and feel the advancement and self-discovery within the visual arts. March 10, 11 and 12, 2023 will be the three most awaited days for artists and fans alike.

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30 785 m² or 331 366 f² to create art!

The National Art Gallery (NAG) is an art museum dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of artwork from Venezuela. The NAG is located within the so called “cultural circuit” of Caracas and it preserves a collection of close to 9000 works of art from a range of diverse authors, art forms, and trends that include paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, multimedia installations, ceramics, and textiles. Because tattooing is an art, we have chosen the museum with the greatest significance in Venezuela and one of the largest in Latin America as the venue for the 2023 edition.


During this edition, we will honor the 12 brotherhoods of the Venezuelan Dancing Devils, an artistic expression that UNESCO designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012. This event brings together the samples of faith and tradition that have marked much of the historical evolution throughout the vast Venezuelan geography and is an example of artistic diversity.


La Barbería Tattoo is one of the largest studios in Venezuela, with additional locations in Panama and Spain, that represents more than 15 major international brands. We have come together with other Latin American organizations and artists to build the alliance that developed this Expo to summon hundreds of spectators and participants.

Our team of high-level professionals guarantees the production of this great event that not only includes an exhibition of the works of excellent artists, but also brands, concerts, DJ sets, gastronomy and other cultural expressions, and the transmission via streaming. We have been sponsored by long-standing national companies that will also provide their expertise to guarantee a successful Tattoo Art Venezuela Expo.

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