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Welcome to the biggest international tattoo conventions, expo and festivals calendar online. Featuring 1000+ tattoo events from all over the world. You can now find all the best tattoo seminars as well.

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4th Warship Olympia Tattoo Arts Convention

21 – 23 July 2017

By land or by sea, the Philadelphia event will bring the public, tattooers and sailors aboard for three days of heavy-hitting history and tattoo tradition in Philadelphia. Wednesday, May 11, 2017. Philadelphia, PA- For the fourth time since 2010, the Warship Olympia Tattoo Arts Convention will welcome over 100 tattooers to set up shop on the decks of this historic Cruiser Olympia at Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia.

The public and tattooers alike will be able to explore the nautical roots of the American tattoo tradigiton aboard an actual naval ship. This unique live tattooing event was announced today by Philadelphia artist and founder of the nationally touring tattoo convention operation, VillainArts.com, the “Tattooed Kingpin”, Troy Timpel.

27th Berlin Tattoo Convention

04 – 06 August 2017

27th Annual Berlin Tattoo Convention – This year our international tattoo convention in Berlin is taking place for the 27th time. In Berlin we started the experiment to unite tattoo artists from all around the world in 1991. That was a good idea: Artists, as well as their clients, were fascinated by our event and such conventions followed gradually throughout Europe.

Meanwhile, almost every major city has an own festival of this kind of art once a year. We are proud and delighted having also contributed to cultivate Tattoos in our country.

The Interactive Tattoo Seminar

8 – 11 October 2017

In Venice (Italy), in the same week and in the same location as the Venezia International Tattoo Convention, connected with this prestigious Event, will be held THE INTERACTIVE TATTOO SEMINAR, the only one totally INTERACTIVE seminar in the world, you will have the incredible opportunity to learn techniques from SILVANO FIATO – MONI MARINO – JAK CONNOLLY – SAMANTHA BARBER all together live in the same time! You will tattooing under their direct supervision! Click here for info & bookings.

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