19 • 21 October 2015




Red Lion Hotel on the River – Jantzen Beach
909 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, Oregon 97217
United States

2015Worldwide Tattoo Conference-min

The only global tattoo conference where the most renown tattoo artists in the world will give their theoretical seminars: Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Nikko Hurtado, Adrian Lee, Alex De Pase, Ralf Nonnweiler, Horiyoshi III (skyping in).  Additional talks, forums, and seminars from:  Durb Morrison, Russ Abbott, Gabe Ripley, James Kern.  The WWTC has stopped over in cities like Boston, Chicago, London, Rome, Venice and it stands out now as the main point of reference for the global tattoo community.