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26 – 29 June 2017

2717 West Fort Macon Rd.
Atlantic Beach,
North Carolina 28512
United States


Join us June 26-29th in Atlantic Beach, NC where 16 speakers will come together in an unprecedented 4 days event to help you dramatically decrease your trial and error time by taking the guesswork out of modern day business, marketing, travel, your client process, career success, tips on how to run a studio, and more. We’re here to give you all the shortcuts! Marketing & business for tattooers by tattooers.

“The experience I had in the Impact Workshop was not what I expected. It was well thought out and incredibly insightful on issues I had no answers for I would highly recommend it to any artist interested in advancement and furthering their career.”- Robin Wilcoxin

Our mission is to impact as many tattooers and shop owners as we can in ways that will accelerate their success by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to be as effective and efficient as possible in the careers they love.

The speakers for this event include:
Melissa Ferranto
Richie Bulldog
Durb Morrison
Riley Smith
Nick Baxter
Bethany Lackey
Chase Campbell
Adam Stoner
Rob Smead
Bony Tony
Richard Cook
Alex Ellis
Brandon Williams
Steve Kransnipol
Edgar Marquez

“This was a game changer.”- Sterling Grice

You’ll be receiving roughly 8 and a half hours of instruction each day during the event. We guarantee that we’ve structured this in a comprehensive way that anyone can easily follow. Past attendees of the Impact Workshop have reported being able to easily gauge where they were with the material and easily incorporate all aspects into their current systems and processes. We’ll provide you with all the reference material for each day including a detailed outline packed with screenshots for you to keep & write in during the presentation, 2 take home work books, and a thumb drive with files. Many people keep the outline and reference back to it daily.

“I came into this seminar with a great grasp on how to do things, but the things taught within this are a game changer. It doesn’t matter how much you ‘think’ you know, this course is PURE GOLD!!” – Mike Shultz

This event is also for tattooers of all experience levels. We have coached tattooers from apprenticeship level all the way up to 29 year veterans both nationally and internationally. We’ve also gotten feedback from bodymodification artists, permanent makeup artists, shop owners, shop managers, show promoters, removal specialists, body piercers, and marketing specialists who have taken the Impact Workshop and EVERYONE so far has been able to take something from what we’re offering and change their careers for the better. The feedback is unbelievable!! You can read our complete testimonials collection on our website

“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about the industry. It was an eye opening experience and the most informative seminar I’ve ever seen.” – Akos Strenner

This will be an unforgettable experience. Not many people will take the time to slow down enough to take in this kind of information and most of our students have testified that they never realized just how much they really needed this kind of education until they were fully immersed in it.

“I talk, consult, design, draw, tattoo and post… IM DOING EVERYTHING I SHOULD (at least I thought). After taking this seminar, I realized I’m only preforming at half capacity. If you take the information and ‘work it’ I believe the change will be huge!”- Kenny Slone

You’ll directly engage with at least 20 other tattooers over the course over the week to gain multiple perspectives on the material in addition to having access to our exclusive social networking after parties each night with our speakers and sponsors. Meet other tattooers, shop managers, shop owners, and entrepreneurs just like you. We’ll also be providing snacks, coffee, lunch, dinner, and late night hors d’oeuvres each day in the ballroom.

“I am going to school for business, been to seminars, and studied [marketing] and didn’t have half the knowledge. Three years of studying on my own didn’t equal one day in the Impact Workshop. I felt I had a grasp on everything and was doing a great job, but I was proved very very wrong.”- Nathan Paul

Not only that, we’ll also be at a gorgeous resort-style oceanfront hotel with private beach access where we’ve gotten the room rates down to only $169/night. Just go to the event details page on to book your room. We’ll be doing TONS of amazing giveaways each day from our generous sponsors. We’ll be giving away tattoo machines, ink, t-shirts, product, and even an iPad Pro!

GB Irons
Hustle Butter
True Tubes
Sullen Clothing
Phucstyx Tattoo Supply
Tattoo Smart
Rev 23
Tattoo Shop Business Cards Creative
A Pound of Flesh
Alla Prima Ink
Genest Needles
Elite Tattoo Gallery

Some have been skeptical, some have worried about this being just another thing in the industry to rip them off. Those people left BEYOND fulfilled with their experience. This will be the one event this year and a career experience you absolutely don’t want to miss.

We can’t wait to see you at this beach this June! Got to to register or get more information.

“I’d been thinking about parts of this conceptually, but this workshop really helped to put it all in perspective and bring it full circle.” – Nicholas Gagnon

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