The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

17 October - 19 October 2014

BMO Centre (Stampede Park)‎
20 Roundup Way SE,
Calgary, AB T2G 2W1 T2G 2W1,

Welcome to The Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival – Calgary 2014. Over 200 artists are set to decend once again on the BMO Centre at Stampede Park in October 2014 for our 11th year. International Artists, TV Tattoo celebrities and other celebrities will join us Oct 17th-19th, 2014 Watch here for artist and entertainment updates as things are announced.

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  1. Tj Smithers the artists are highly sought after. There is a list of artists but not their availability schedule. You will have to pick a realism artist and email them directly as they have no problem finding people. Randy Engelhard "Heaven of Colours"and Mike DeVries I know are both booked. If there is someone in particular you want to get inked by, its a really good idea to follow them on Facebook and bookmark their websites to stay posted. Usually you have to email the same day they announce a new convention and even then you aren't guaranteed to get a spot. They also choose who will fit their time well and who's idea they feel they want to tackle. I wish you lots of luck. You do have to do your own leg work though. Its worth it though.

  2. Tj Smithers at #

    Is there a list or something on facebook so I can see who still has openings ? Kind of a shot in the dark messaging a bunch of people.

  3. you have to email the artist individually

  4. Tj Smithers at #

    Anyone who does realism taking bookings for Calgary expo? I'm already In with Levi Barnett but I'd like to get my wife In to for Saturday? I know this is a long shot but thought I'd give it a try . Ps who's the special celeb guests this year anyone know yet?

  5. Cam-Lorell Forster at #

    Super excited!!!

  6. Tat Chic at #

    yay cant wait.. see you all there friends!

  7. Will be attending again this year!! 306-384-7887 – there are still 2 spots available!

  8. I'm looking to get a couple things done but am open to suggestions. Give me a shout if you need a canvas

  9. Gordon Hart at #

    Looking to get a full sleeve done, would love to get it done this year at the show. If any artist is into that. can sit in the chair for a very long time!!! PLEASE !!!!

  10. CALGARY: We'll be back again this year for the Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival. Amazing show last year, even bigger planned for this year. Again we'll be bringing Sullen Art Collective Clothing, Along with the Inked Up Rockstar World Tour.
    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @PrimalAttitude

  11. no real information on this site

  12. can I get tickets at the door?

  13. Dakota Codii Pasher-Owl at #

    I wanna come!! :)

  14. Yayyy and you can too lol

  15. im going this year i want some ink

  16. Michelle Gauvreau at #

    Looking to get my parents memorial tattoo done if an artist is up for it!! I'll be there.

  17. Keith Jarvis at #

    Anyway of getting a freebe tat im up for a challenge

  18. Carol Fraser at #

    Plus my beautiful son will be there so if you want Clay to do some work for you, closer to home better call "Don't Look Down" at 250-862-8282 ASAP. Much love….

  19. Carol Fraser at #

    The tattoo used to be a mark of guilt or shame imposed on people to advertise their status as criminals and outcasts. It was like wearing a sign that said “victimize me.” Penitentiaries are showcases of skin art. Today, the gallery is expanding to include the world without oppression. I can't wait for this event!

  20. Tiffany Nicole Starecki at #

    I must go to this!

  21. if someone needs an empty spot to work on, or wants to do some transformation I have something you can play with. inbox me

  22. Krissy Allard at #

    Can't wait to go to this! Would def. be up for being a live canvas at the show!

  23. any idea how I get tickets to this years show?

  24. would love to have a piece done so if anyone needs a canvas please email me looking for real tiger.

  25. I'm going for sure and am super excited to be someone's canvas. Message me!

  26. Need to go this year, I want more tattoos FYI so if anyone needs a canvas to work on for anyway reason, gimme a message :D

  27. I'm defenatly going this year!

  28. I can't wait!

  29. Susanne Stocken at #

    I think I MUST go…again…was there in 2006.

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