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This is an historical archive of every tattoo convention ever held since the second half of 2010.

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  1. Moi, je veux savoir les dates que la convention va t' être a Montréal et aussi l, endroit pour 2013.

  2. Paijo Jo at #

    tattoo………………………………………………..I like it.

  3. I Live in Colorado Springs Co. and would like to know when and where a tattoo convention will be in my aria soon. got a new product on the market.

    • If you're trying to market a new product, perhaps you should have someone check your spelling and grammar before posting to a social networking site. You should also be willing to travel to market your product. Even if someone were to start a new convention in your area, there wouldn't be very many people there. And there probably wouldn't be anybody at all worth seeing there.

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