Tattoo Art Expo Dublin 2016 Coverage

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Tattoo Art Expo Dublin 2016 Coverage 2017-04-17T01:05:28+00:00

After John being in the States and Europe this year already, he returned to cover his 1st Irish event of 2016 returning to Dublin for the 2nd edition of the Tattoo Art Expo which seen a lot of changes this year from the 1st edition.

The organizational team changed from the original trio with Michal Przybyla “Siwy” the owner of ADHD Tattoo in Cork remaining as the Sole organizer of this event with his wife Marta Konior-Przybyla (Maxime Parker) by his side to help with the running of proceedings.  Secondly the name of the event changed from “Body” to “Tattoo” and now it is “Tattoo Art Expo Dublin” instead of the “Body Art Expo Dublin”.


Now that we got the changes out of the way, there was a lot of anticipation around the event with the tattoo event scene ever growing in the Rep. of Ireland. The organisation coming of the back of its newest event in Cork expanding the brand with the 1st edition of the Tattoo Art Expo Cork and will be moving into its 3rd event in 2017 with the Tattoo Art Expo Midlands in Athlone.

This wasn’t going be no ordinary event looking to add on last year’s proceedings bringing a fresh new European Culture to Tattoo Events in the Rep. of Ireland growing the Tattoo Art Expo brand. Check out the Photo Gallery of some the best shots from over the two days in the Helix building.

Stay Tuned for the 2nd part of this full report by World Tattoo Events Photographer John Mc at Spot the Spirit in his July Newsletter with unseen photos from the whole weekend.

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