Portland Tattoo Expo

09 October - 11 October 2015

Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center
2060 North Marine Drive
Portland, OR 97217
United States

The largest tattoo expo in the Northwest, The Portland Tattoo Expo is the show that opened the doors to out of state artists looking to tattoo in the state of Oregon. After months of work with the state legislators, the laws were changed to allow artists from outside of the state to tattoo legally in Oregon.

Now in it’s 7th year, the Portland Tattoo Expo is the premiere tattoo event in Oregon. Over 300 award winning artists come each October to tattoo in the City of Roses. Email us for registration and licensing information.

13 Responses to Portland Tattoo Expo

  1. Robin Morris Rigutto 16/04/2015 at #

    I would like to be a jewelry vendor during your show. Please tell me what course I take to get there.

  2. Israel Saldivar 05/04/2015 at #

    So how much does it cost I am from Minnesota but I don't mind ridding there to get @ least 10 more tattoos, full back chest and finish my sleeves.

  3. Sadie Lingo 30/06/2014 at #

    I want an amazing black and gray peice. Are there any epic tattoo artists. That can do realistic torn skin with wordsor tribal dragons

  4. Bruce Nielsen 24/04/2014 at #

    Representing kansas and the Midwest , bryan parsons of addictions in ink will be showing off his skills…cant wait to get tattooed in a beautiful city like portland!

  5. Charles Weber 09/03/2014 at #

    Will anyone be representing 3D tattooing at the show? I've always wanted a Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey but must be a 3D representation of my artwork. Appreciate responses.

  6. Stuart Robinson 12/10/2013 at #

    Looking forward to the show and getting tattooed by Travis Harper from Imperial BodyArt in Boise, Idaho!! Awesome!!!

  7. Elizabeth Carroll-Hicks 11/10/2013 at #


  8. Lauri Colvin Scott-Marsh 09/10/2013 at #

    hmm may have to go to get my first tattoo

  9. Christopher Johnson 06/10/2013 at #

    Definitely. I'll be at this convention next weekend. But the door is always open

  10. Chris Shepardson 06/10/2013 at #

    Shit, I just noticed your on division st. Maybe I'll stop by sometime.

  11. Christopher Johnson 04/10/2013 at #

    stay wiErd porTland

  12. Sonny Ennis 23/07/2013 at #

    Can't wait..we will be there representing our shop.

  13. Jamie Vidalez 20/06/2013 at #

    Is there going to be any special guest appearances at the Portland Tattoo Expo this year (2013)? Tommy Montoya would be an excellent one. He does amazing work along with all of these talented artists, but I would love to add his work to my tattoo collection.

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