Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2016

12 February - 14 February 2016

Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St,
Philadelphia, PA 19107,
United States

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  2. Paradise N Michael 16/02/2015 at #

    Actually full sleeve Inbox me wit price

  3. Paradise N Michael 15/02/2015 at #

    I really want to get a half sleeve dedicated to my 2 children with a like religous good versus evil theme so if ur an artist with good price message me

  4. Yomaris Melendez 14/02/2015 at #

    I need an appointment for my husband as Valentines Day Gift; how can I set it up?

  5. Paul Tom Muehleisen 14/02/2015 at #

    Im looking to get a cover up done !! Any suggestions for good cover up artist ?

  6. Karen Hunsberger 14/02/2015 at #

    Is there another website to go to to find the schedule? isn't loading on a phone, or from a computer using chrome or explorer

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  10. Hani Reuveni Dukes 13/02/2015 at #

    How do I make an appointment for a tatto for Saturday? Please help

  11. Will Monk 13/02/2015 at #

    anyone know if there is a list for the artists attending the convention?

  12. William Richards 13/02/2015 at #

    Looking for a traditional artist to do a light house on my chest I have been to many conventions and realize good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good but the only issue is that it's a cover up the good part about that its covering up a tie so it's already got the bold lines that would be in a lighthouse anyway artist hit me up and let me know I am available Saturday and Sunday and think we could probably take best piece of the day thanks

  13. Scott Kelly 13/02/2015 at #

    I need my Philadelphia Eagles tattoo fixed

  14. Sarrah Nadig 13/02/2015 at #

    Can tattoos be done here and if so does anyone have an opening tomm night???

  15. Anonymous 12/02/2015 at #

    george winterling Pinz and Needlez he is insane

  16. Jesse Jay Tomlin 12/02/2015 at #

    Contact Artist Dave Racci via messenger and book an appointment. He will be working the event all weekend.

  17. Denise D Mitchell 11/02/2015 at #

    I née the best bull tattoo

  18. Xavier Otero 11/02/2015 at #

    What time does it start and when is it over and how much is the cover

  19. Reenie Del Pinto-Ozanich 11/02/2015 at #

    There is a guy named Brian Geckle that has Flower of Life tattoo studio…he is amazing.

  20. Walt Boss Williams 10/02/2015 at #

    How much to tattoo goin to be

  21. Renard Durant 07/02/2015 at #

    Don't mind the pic I'm using the wrong Facebook

  22. Renard Durant 07/02/2015 at #

    Tattoos starting at 20$ 25$ hit me up ASAP inbox me I'll get right at you in no time I open up shop from 4:30p.m to 2am …from Philadelphia call 2678505578 ask for Light I also have Instagram al_light

  23. Cheetah AF 06/02/2015 at #

    Fallow (Magic_Mind_Caes) on instagram to view my tattoo work. Im located in Philadelphia PA. Looking forward to the show and seeing so many styles the greats have to offer, I'll be there on the 14th!!!

  24. Danielle Krivoshik 05/02/2015 at #

    Also what time during the day is it

  25. Danielle Krivoshik 05/02/2015 at #

    Do we buy our tickets online or at the event

  26. Prettie Green 04/02/2015 at #

    I'm looking to see who can do the best cover up on the lower arm

  27. Glynnis Cowley 04/02/2015 at #

    Can you get a walk in tattoo appointment there? Any recommendations for artists?

  28. Tony Dark 03/02/2015 at #

    Еду по-любому,буду забиваться.

  29. Dan Schemeley 03/02/2015 at #

    I'll be there

  30. I will be there again this year.

  31. Alex Santos 31/01/2015 at #

    I will be doing non laser tattoo removal at this event. Everyone check it out at tell your friends :) hope to see u all there!!!

  32. Elizabeth Magobet-Rodriguez 31/01/2015 at #

    I wan't to get a tattoo. Can it happen?

  33. Dave Farrell 29/01/2015 at #

    I showed up day of and got my chest piece done.just be prepared as most of the artists charge flat rate per hour not by piece

  34. Herica Paul 22/01/2015 at #

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  35. Umm Raniyah Parker 21/01/2015 at #

    What the best artist to do sleeves n the prices n do I have to book a spot

  36. Lauren Nicoletto 19/01/2015 at #

    How hard is it to get a tattoo on the spot? Do you have to book ahead of time? I want to start my sleeve, and I've been trying to find an artist I like. I would like to scope out the options, but Ive never been to one of these, and I don't know how hard it is to get a chair. Any advice?

  37. Geoffery Von Gore 15/01/2015 at #

    Poisonous Pinups Magazine will be there with Muerto amor movie

  38. Desirée Isphording 12/01/2015 at #


  39. Desirée Isphording 12/01/2015 at #

    I cannot find it listed on their page at the moment, but last year it was approximately $20.00 for an adult for a day pass. You usually can get a slight discount if you buy a weekend pass. Tattoos are not included in the entry price – you would need to pay the artist individually.

  40. Desirée Isphording 12/01/2015 at #

    Yes, you would need to pay for any tattoos you get at the convention. Some artists do take walk-ups if they have the availability, but many artists book conventions slots ahead of time. If you have a particular artist you wish to tattoo you, it's recommended that you contact them in advance to see if they have availability for the tattoo you want.

  41. Tom Ruch 11/01/2015 at #

    Do I have to pay for tattoos there? Are they walk ins or do I have to talk to artists ahead of time?

  42. Robert Montana 08/01/2015 at #

    Never been to one how much to get in? Do I pay fa each tattoo? Or is dey free after I cover fee at the door? A lot question

  43. David Vollmer 30/12/2014 at #

    Is there anybody that specializes in white tattooing?

  44. Joe 29/12/2014 at #

    usually I just get in touch with the artist ahead of time

  45. Gary Foster 18/12/2014 at #

    How do I book someone for me to get a tattoo at the show ?

  46. Rusty Kate 15/11/2014 at #

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  47. Saiko Yoshiro 24/10/2014 at #

    what's the likelihood of getting an apprenticeship there?

  48. James Patrick Cannon 17/10/2014 at #

    Look for jay ski, he's done 3 on me so far

  49. Christopher Johnson 02/10/2014 at #

    Ill be there for that Saturday and Sunday and ill be getting the work done on my arm that Saturday

  50. Christopher Johnson 02/10/2014 at #

    Ill be going and entering my backpiece in the contest on Sunday and ill be getting more work done on my right arm by my artist who is one of the ones who will be there. My first convention was the Allentown one this past march.

  51. Onyx Coleman 25/09/2014 at #

    I'm trying to get tatted there I wanna finish my sleeves

  52. Bryn Wentz 10/09/2014 at #

    So looking forward to this show. Wentzwelding will be busting out a new armrest for this show. We will also come loaded with our ammo jewlery and clocks. Check us out at

  53. GO! Tattoo Removal 30/06/2014 at #

    Really looking forward to having a booth in 2015 here.

  54. Shareeta Key 01/02/2014 at #

    Im there!!! Love guys with tattoos.

  55. Janice Hopkins 31/01/2014 at #

    Can I get a tattoo done Friday

  56. 'Bryan Resch 31/01/2014 at #

    Art Machine Productions Rocks it !! Resp is the man

  57. Melissa Beck-Colangelo 30/01/2014 at #

    I've never had a tattoo. My husband has two on his back. Sunday, Feb 2 is his 45th birthday. I want to get a tattoo with him. Something small as a symbol of our love for each other ( we've been together 26 years). Any artist interested? We will be at the show around 4 pm on Sunday. Should we come there or to your shop? This would be a surprise for his birthday. Thank you in advance!

  58. Iris Saez 30/01/2014 at #

    I meant excited lol!!

  59. Iris Saez 30/01/2014 at #


  60. Amy McKay Molnar 27/01/2014 at #

    My husband want to know if there is anyone there that does a cover on a tattoo that he has and how he foes about getting an appointment.

  61. Charley Lopez 27/01/2014 at #

    Partty on coming soon…. Tattoo time!!!

  62. Tattood Forlyfe 27/01/2014 at #

    Just show up. I get work done at conventions quite a bit. Most of the time you have to set up ahead of schedule with the artist you have in mind (especially the hi profile ones) then you discuss about getting the work done at the convention…

  63. Kaleemah Still Striving 25/01/2014 at #

    how do you go about gettin tatted there?? anybody have an idea about price ranges??

  64. Sara Waldron 24/01/2014 at #

    how do i get a tattoo done there??

  65. Georgia Blankenship 22/01/2014 at #

    How can I book you?

  66. Georgia Blankenship 22/01/2014 at #

    How can I book you?

  67. TattooIsh Schuurbiers 21/01/2014 at #

    Ready Steady go!!! cant wait>>>>

  68. Jerry Herrera 21/01/2014 at #

    How do i get a tattoo done there?

  69. Steven Gundrum 20/01/2014 at #

    Melissa I will check them out but I already have a spot with pete but ill meet him and find out where he will be and when!

  70. Melissa Hunter 20/01/2014 at #

    My tattoo artist Dane will be there…actually his whole crew from ink therapy will be there. I hiiiighly recommend checking them out

  71. Steven Gundrum 19/01/2014 at #

    Im getting tattooed there! So stoked.

  72. Chris Blue 19/01/2014 at #

    Sounds good-I have no excuse not go go, I live so close by!

  73. Crystal M. Edwards 06/01/2014 at #

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  74. Jose Rivera 09/02/2013 at #


  75. Diana VonderAcht 08/02/2013 at #

    Is this now, feb 2013?
    I want to surprise my boyfriend and take him this weekend

  76. Coop Tha Barber 08/02/2013 at #


  77. Emma Schwager 06/02/2013 at #

    wuuuhuu I'll be there!

  78. Dawn Davis Handler 06/02/2013 at #

    just booked a room going saturday!

  79. Gadsden Longshanks 05/02/2013 at #

    make sure you guys get over to the AFTER PARTY on the 9th at FINNIGANS WAKE! 4 bands – cheap drinks – fast women!

  80. Mara Shawant'e Cooper 05/02/2013 at #

    what's the times.

  81. Natasha TopStylist West 04/02/2013 at #

    I will be Tatted there on the 9th cant wait!

  82. Steven Trigg 04/02/2013 at #

    Is it nirmal prices or outrageous?

  83. Tyb Young Heem Zah 03/02/2013 at #

    Are they going to be tattooing people there?

  84. Terry Cassise 02/02/2013 at #

    How do I make an appt. with Tatu baby???? Love her work!

  85. Kenneth Faulk Jr 30/01/2013 at #

    720-623-5713 if your an artist looking for an open canvas…Color Neck piece

  86. Kenneth Faulk Jr 30/01/2013 at #

    I need a SICK color neck piece, preferably realism but open to ideas, txte if your an artist looking for an open canvas

  87. Otto Hayes 29/01/2013 at #

    be there

  88. Otto Hayes 29/01/2013 at #

    the best tattoo convention on the east coast allways see you there.

  89. Cassandra George Terry 25/01/2013 at #

    I will Soooo be there….

  90. Cassandra George Terry 25/01/2013 at #

    I will soooo be there..

  91. Cynthia Persson 18/01/2013 at #

    Hey everyone, My crew and I hope to attend the convention this year…. I hope to see some new and old faces. Thank you so much from myself Cyn and the crew at Public Enemy Tattoo in Sun Prairie Wi.

  92. Cynthia Persson 18/01/2013 at #

    My Crew and I will be attending the show hopefully if all goes well…. Hope to see some faces I haven't seen in a while…. Cyn from Public Enemy Tattoo in Sun Prairie Wi.

  93. Jaelle Jeune 14/01/2013 at #

    I'll be there again…yea boi

  94. John Vanover 08/01/2013 at #

    I'm going
    and I have time for walk-ups.

  95. Diana Bogrette 07/01/2013 at #

    I'll be there, cant wait!

  96. Naitsa Dejesus 06/01/2013 at #

    Ill be there

  97. Megan Shoemaker 11/11/2012 at #

    Will be there! cant wait! going to get my first tattoo!

  98. Alex Lu' 14/02/2012 at #

    It seems to be that Philadelphia has been a pretty huge convention. Here you can read a nice magazine report about that:|head.

  99. Alessandro Gruppo 14/02/2012 at #

    It seems to be that Philadelphia has been a pretty huge convention!

  100. Lisa Pavelick 11/02/2012 at #

    Can't wait, Over due, I love art.

  101. Laura Read 31/01/2012 at #

    Looks awesome

  102. Marc Vogel 28/01/2012 at #

    Can't wait!

  103. Daniel Rogers 24/01/2012 at #

    I will be there.

  104. Rick Bazzano 20/01/2012 at #

    Itchin for some new ink BAD!

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