New Orleans Tattoo Voodoo Expo

30 October - 01 November 2015

Best Western Plus Landmark Hotel
2601 Severn Avenue
Metairie, LA 70002,
United States

10 Responses to New Orleans Tattoo Voodoo Expo

  1. Hutch Michael Knight 25/08/2014 at #

    October couldn't come fast enough lol
    I can't wait to say the least haha

  2. Tricia Knowles 27/07/2014 at #

    Email is broken and website is series of broken links… where does one go to get info on this convention?

  3. Jasmyn Golden 25/10/2013 at #

    cant wait until this goes on

  4. Madgeann McKee 06/10/2013 at #

    Coming from stoked coolest expo ever!

  5. Darryl Deezo Mix 24/02/2013 at #

    ok turn up.

  6. Anibal Vasquez 23/02/2013 at #

    hello anyone can tell me when the next convention of tattoo.

  7. We are so excited to vend at this expo!

  8. Debbie Tidwell 26/09/2012 at #

    can"t wait… orleans……

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