09 – 11 October 2015

Arts Palace
Kopernyka street, 17,
Lviv, Lviv Oblast,



Studio art tattoo «LINK» with the support of the International Association of Tattoo and Body Piercing holds 6th, three-day International Festival of artistic tattoos TATTOO FEST, covering a wide range of young people. In Ukraine, the culture is gaining momentum, and has a huge fan base, their number is constantly increasing.

Festival TATTOO FEST – a large-scale event in the tattoo – the culture of Ukraine, it is a grand festival for active, ambitious people who are accustomed to spend time outside the box. And for the true lovers and fans of tattoos – art for those whose life is unthinkable without the tattoo art. Festival TATTOO FEST please participants and visitors of the festival custom show -program, new faces in the world of tattoo, unique works of masters who will be nominated in a competition with prizes, as well as interactive show bikers, progressive musical performances of teams and a lot of other surprises. This kind of festivals for over 10 years held throughout Ukraine. Where their ability to compete in the hundreds of artists gather thousands of fans and admirers of this art, as well as makes the exhibition – sale of equipment for the art of tattoo and body piercing, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. This action is an interesting and differs significantly from the total weight of the activities carried out in the glorious city of Lviv (regular exhibitions, concerts, etc.).

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