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Vagabond Vagabond Co. – “Wear Your Skin ®”

Vagabond Co. is a company formed from a vision to merge art with fashion to create a truly unique wearable garment.

At Vagabond Co. – our philosophy is simple, “Wear Your Skin ®”.We want our designs and clothes to make you feel special when you wear them. To feel as if they are part of your skin.No more hiding that beautiful artwork under your clothes – it’s time for it to be worn.We are endeavoring to create a unique journey for each of our customers from the time you receive your purchase to the time you first put it on – we want you to be part of the story.

Our promise to you is that with each design we will only get better and push the boundaries between art and clothes to ensure you have a truly unique talking piece.

We hope you come and join us on the journey and be part of the family.

Thank you for your support.



When it comes to providing reliable and long-lasting skin anesthetic, you have to ring the expert – TATTOOCAINEZ NUMBING CREAM. Your pain, is for us to bear.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional! It takes the edge off the customers! Less panic-stricken customers mean less cut-off breaks , therefore artist will have the continuity to finish their art pieces quicker and efficiently. Now everybody’s happy!
Pain is not an excuse. TattoocaineZ is perfect for first-time tattoo-goers who may have cold feet and hesitant to try. Best suitable for customers with long tattoo sessions when the pain can get unbearable but wish to continue like a mighty ninja. Just apply TattoocaineZ and let it do the trick! Rated as the most effective and long-lasting skin anesthetic- Tattoocainez Numbing Cream is widely used by tattoo artists worldwide!It is used prior to a tattoo session. It numbs the skin first, therefore enables the session to be smooth and uninterrupted. TattoocaineZ is the solution to take the edge off for first time clients and even long session clients.
A tube of 10g TattoocaineZ Anesthetic Numbing cream can be applied up till 20cm (H) by 15cm (W).

Sometimes, that’s how much words can say. So try it to believe it!
Mail us at [email protected] and we shall assist you to your purchase. )


Tattoo Planet (Netherlands)
Tattoo Planet
Inkstyle Magazine (Netherlands)


De Nederlandse Bond Van Tatoeëerders

De Nederlandse Bond Van Tatoeëerders

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