19th Marked For Life Female Tattoo Artist Expo

16 January - 19 January 2014

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
5555 Hazeltine National Drive
Orlando, FL 32812
United States

Like any other great Tattoo Expo in Florida, the 19th “Marked for Life” Female Tattoo Artist Expo will have a fabulous resonance this January, 2014. National and International media coverage is confirmed to assist.

This Tattoo Show is presented by the host of Deanna Lippens from Deana’s Skin Art Studio, the only Tattoo Shop in Christmas, Florida. This studio has had good experiences with tattoo expos in the past so, this 19th edition will have the same great results. “You can do it, too!” is the slogan of the expo so, you can imagine what is expected to happen this January, 2014.

4 Responses to 19th Marked For Life Female Tattoo Artist Expo

  1. Imani K. Brown 09/10/2014 at #

    I've known about this con my entire career and always wanted to attend at the very least. But I think it's one I'd like to work … with the LADIES!!!! ^^

  2. [email protected] 03/12/2013 at #

    My kind of Event!

  3. DeadSexyTattoo.com 30/11/2012 at #

    2013 is going to be a Great Year….,
    Looking forward to work along side some of the Best ladies in the Industry.

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