Inkin’ The Valley Tattoo Convention

01 November - 03 November 2013

The Woodlands Inn
1073 Pennsylvania 315
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
United States

4 Responses to Inkin’ The Valley Tattoo Convention

  1. Myles Kehs 03/11/2012 at #

    This convention sucks the big one. only a handful of artists. totally blows…..

    • Tony Barton 06/11/2012 at #

      Talented handful of Artists from over the US. Thank hurricane Sandy, don't blame The Convention for weather.

  2. Rob Johnson 01/10/2012 at #

    what artist will be there?

  3. Founded in 1994 by the late Franco Kossa (now Hosted by his widow Kim Kossa), the Inkin' the Valley Tattoo Convention is one of the largest annual gatherings held in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and justifiably has the reputation of being one of the best tattoo shows on the East Coast. Not your typically huge convention as some tattoo shows have become in the past decade, Inkin' the Valley has maintaine.
    d a close knit family feel & a selective palette of top notch tattooists. This invitational show has featured both internationally renowned masters of the art and up & coming artists as well including Buffalo Bill Tarr, Terry Manning, Neil England and Kevin Shercliff (who was voted England's Best Tattoo Artist three times), and, of course, many local talented artists. Premiere body piercing, contests & varied entertainment are also part of the show. Over the years, Inkin' the Valley has carved itself a solid place in the national tattoo convention circuit, many making it into their yearly vacation destination. Historically, the convention has been presided over by Chris "the Mayor of Tattooville" Longo.

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